Decent vegetarian food in Muzha?

Has anyone ever eaten any decent veggie far in the Muzha area? Due to my teaching/tutoring schedule I must eat dinner in that area a few times a week and I have yet to find anything tasty. Bland tofu and rubber noodles that have been sitting out for lord knows how long seem to be the only thing going. If you know of any place that is good, please fill me in and save me from 7-11 dinners!

There’s a good, reasonably priced vegetarian restaurant across the road from the university entrance gates. It’s not where the Watson’s or Cosmed is but across the side street from there. Look for a door almost on the corner and go up to the second floor. Just around the corner from there, you can find a vegetarian buffet. The food is pretty good.

There’s also a vegetarian hot pot you can get across the road. If you want more help to find the place, lots of students speak English and you can ask them.

There used to be a small veggie restaurant near the side entrance at JenDa. on the same side of the street as watson’s and to the east. Don’t know if it is still there though.

Hey, thanks for the recommendations guys. But which university do you speak of? I don’t think it’s Shih Hsin University, which I walk pass every day. Is it the one further down Muzha Rd?

Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the university but the post office is across the street from it. Also, to help you find the second floor restaurant I spoke of, I can add more details now as I was back there recently. Find the 7-11 across the street from the university. As you face it on the main road, the restaurant’s door is the first door to the left of 7-11. Hope this helps.

National Political University Jen Da

the name of the university is National Chengchi University, on Chi-nan Rd. Sec. 2. (if you come from Mu-cha, direction Chi-nan Temple/Maokong)

You’re absolutely right. I discovered today that the name of the university the vegetarian restaurant is across the street from, is Cheng Chi University. OP: hope you find it and enjoy the food there. I think it’s pretty good and the menu is in English, part of which I helped edit (some mistakes still remain, though).