Decent vegetarian places in Taipei near Taida or City Hall?

First of all I’m not a vegetarian. I would love to have steak every meal for the rest of my life but I think it’s time I try something new, so I’m going vegetarian.

And no, I’m not doing it cold turkey, just trying something new for a change. So far my veggie adventure has been pretty limited to those self-serve lunch places around time and frankly they kinda suck.

Anything slightly more interesting? I saw a Sizzler by Daan Park. Has anyone been to one of those recently? How well is the salad bar stocked? What about other places?

There’s a Mingde self-serve in the basement of the city hall eslite. I like it.

I agree those buffet places get a bit plain after a while (I blame the lack of garlic and onions which aren’t considered vegetarian by some). There’s a bit of good stuff to be found around the markets in Gongguan as well as some good Vietnamese and curry restaurants there.
Sababa has a decent number of vegetarian options as does KGB (in Shida). Bongos too though haven’t tried it.
Around City hall I can’t really think of too much aside from some of the Italian places and there’s also a decent Vietnamese vegetarian restaurant around there called Very Vegetarian/FeichangSu/非常素.

Om A Hom in Shida is a vegetarian restaurant with fairly decent fare in a very ‘I’m not in Taipei!’ courtyard setting.

Do you have an address to Om A Hom? I don’t think I’ve been there.

I forgot to mention Loving Hut which is on the other side of Taida. Food isn’t great IMO, but worth a visit if you can handle the two TVs constantly playing The Supreme Master.

Scroll down to the ‘O’ section:

What a great website!!! I’s like to make a donation - anybody have a paypal account? I could give you the cash.

I like Easy House on Jong Shan Rd across from Taipei County Hall in Banqiao. 5 min walk from Banqiao MRT. Not super cheap, but nice and relaxing. The sets are a good deal, but a lot of food. Go hungry.

KGB has yummy, though crumbly burgers, and if you are not vegan, the banana milkshake is delish.

Cool. I must check that place out!
I was trying out the iPhone app VegOut to find nearby veg restaurants (info pulled from Happy Cow), but unfortunately lots of the maps are inaccurate. So I got in touch with the guy that runs that site to see about fixing up some of the Map links and turns out he used to live in Taiwan and his wife is Taiwanese. Anyway, he was nice enough to set me up a special passworded area where I could go in and fix up the addresses so the maps work. Trouble is, it takes a bit of time (and a fair knowledge of the different romanisations/misspellings) so I eventually had to give up.
Does anyone else with more time on their hands feel generous enough to take over the task? Probably best to PM me.

I miss Feichang Su, they used to have a branch in Hualien but it closed down last year cos of the downturn :cry:. Good food, good service - or at least it was down here.

Great thread!

Thanks for the help - didn’t have time to check this thread until now. Man that Feichang Su place sounds nice.

Stumbled upon this thread again and thought I’d mention this restaurant in Gongguan which I read about here: … egetarian/

I’ve walked past a bunch of times but usually opted for food from the market, but I must say it looks well worth checking out.

The lian xiang zhai on Chang chun lu so far is the best Veg. Buffet I have ever had. 550 NTD per person and gets more expensive on the weekends. It is so huge that it is mind boggling and is complete with Haagen Daaz ice-cream, a chocolate fountain, pasta, pizza, salad bar, stir fried veggies, 10-12 varieties of dumplings, a japanese faux sushi bar, juices, tea/coffee, yummy soups, noodles and the whole Taiwanese jing bang, the list is endless!!!

Do you remember the approximate crossroad for that one , Divea?

Nah. I’ve always been driven there. However, here is the phone number 25474788. Hope it helps!

I think it’s this place: … arian.html

Address is: 353 Changchun Road (ChǎngChūn), Songshan District, Taipei City

[quote=“stevegan”]I think it’s this place: … arian.html

Address is: 353 Changchun Road (ChǎngChūn), Songshan District, Taipei City
That’s the one. Bingo!