Decently priced shipping to the UK

I’m re-starting a topic here as some things have changed - ie you can no longer send surface mail packages to the UK from here, (don’t ask me why, it’s just on the Post Office computer system and won’t allow the assistant to process the transaction). Anyway, we’re not leaving for a while yet (sadly!), but we will need to ship about 50kg of stuff back. We DHL air frieghted it here and it wasn’t a bad deal through a UK courier company who get discount rates from DHL, but they don’t do collection from Taiwan. Does anyone know any company that does reasonable rates to Europe?

Thanks in advance.


There are a lot of international shipping companies in TW that specialize in this sort of thing. Crown is one that comes to mind. They all advertise on the classified pages of any of the English newspapers.

Hope this helps.

I think the reason there is no more surface mail is because in the UK, they changed the port that receives mail.
And the new location - the mail from Taiwan doesn’t (or can’t?)get shipped there.

Ridiculous - it’s the 21st century.

The maddest thing about the stopping of surface mail to the UK was that I e-mailed Royal Mail to ask if it were true and why given what I’d been told in the PO here and they referred me to the Taiwan postal service for info! Talk about stupid! Since when would the Taiwan PO, who I’d already talked to thus my e-mail to the UK PO, know why the UK decides on things?? Surely the best person would be…

I think the biggest prob for us is that we’re not moving a household back, just want to ship about 50kg of personal effects. The posts I’ve seen elsewhere were for furniture etc and wanted NT$40000 as a minimum!! Mmm, I think not!

Anyone any experience of DHL-ing from TW? We used them to get out here, but through a UK company who have a really good deal with them (half price I think) and, sadly, don’t collect from TW. :unamused:

Thankfully, we have a long time to research this, but I just like to know stuff well in advance :laughing:


I use FEDEX and I worked out it would cost “me” (my small company) approx $17,000 to send 50kg to the UK by priority.

You might be able to call them up and try getting discount off the quoted rate. 0800-075-075

The post office site shows surface-airlifted availability - 4000 for 20kg

Here’s the rate for airmail, max 20kg again, about 3715 for 20 kg

Hope that helps.

I don’t need priority service! Sea shipping is just fine and I’m hardly in the 17000 bracket, even if it is NT. Yeouch! We paid GBP150-ish (so NT$7500) which took 2 days to get here 56kg, but we don’t mind if it takes as many months to get home.