Declaration of Provisional Government of China

On this day, March 12, 2006, the Provisional Government of China is formed.

I hereby declare myself the provisional President of the Provisional Government of China.

Yes, our government is in exile, and no member of our administration currently resides in China, but we are a government in exile. However, we are the only legitimate government of China.

Right now, we only have a provisional President, but those interested in applying for appointments, please reply to this thread, and your application will be considered. No experience necessary.

Our goals are as follows:

  1. Set the Mandate of Heaven straight.
  2. Instate the Three Principles of the People.
  3. Provide the people of China with the basic freedoms.

What we will do once our government overthrows the Chicomms:

  1. Tell Taiwan that they can relax now, there won’t be anymore crazy threats of annexation.
  2. Give Tibetans back their freedom, and their country. Have tea with the Dalai Lama.
  3. Give Inner Mongolia back.
  4. Settle the dispute with India over disputed territories.
  5. Make Lee Kuan Yew’s son in Singapore hold actual elections.
  6. Hold democratic elections exactly 18 months afterward.
  7. Create a constitution.
  8. Release all political prisoners.
  9. Change the country to Federal-style government.
  10. Create a 6-4 Peace Park in Beijing.

This is merely a short list of the most immediate plans. There is a much, much longer list. And, if any citizen of the world has good ideas - they are welcome.

Shawn Chong
Provisional President of the Provisional Government of China

This has got the tone appropriate for your xanga blog, but why post it here?