Deep Sea fishing charters/Penghu in March?

I’ll be visiting Taiwan for the first time in late March of 2005 with the twin goals of eating seafood and catching fish. Any recommendations on specific deep-sea charter fishing-boats? Anywhere along the north, west, and south coasts would be OK. My family is paranoid about the lack of safety on the island, and I was wondering if that was a concern. Also tips on local fish/shellfish specialties and where to find them would be great.

On another topic, would it be worthwhile to visit Penghu at that time of year? (once again to eat seafood and catch fish). Advice on local fishing guides on the islands would also be appreciated. I hear that the winds howl until May and that the weather may be miserable.

I’ve had little success trying to find information either on the Web or in travel guides. Thanks in advance!