Deep Thoughts

You know how Eskimoes are supposed to have a few hundred words for snow? I bet fish have thousands of words for water.

Fish are telepathic, so they don’t need words.

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You know how when you were a little kid, and went swimming, and mom always said “Don’t pee in the water”… I wonder what fish moms say to them? It would be really hard to not pee in the water.

another waste of bandwidth.

I bet you have a lot of words for ‘waste of bandwidth’.

Fish have neither the brain centres nor the means of articulation necessary for language. That doesn’t mean they don’t communicate, though. :bow:

I bet that if you could communicate with a fish, it would be something like, “Bloop… bloop… bloop”.

You’d have to learn Fish. But the pronunciation’s really hard, and there’s no point learning the tuna dialect, because cod won’t understand you, and sardine is completely different altogether, but widely spoken in the Med. And that’s before we even start thinking about writing.

(Cue canned laughter)


Did I not say that? Like…exactly?

I didn’t read your post. But … no, it would appear that you wrote something ‘different’. :bow:

I often wonder if one day the toothbrush will become passé.

For you? Yes. Likely the day you get your dentures.

If fish can’t talk, what do they teach in schools?

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The teachers are all just hakes.

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Hakes are inferior to Haddocks when making fish and chips

What about dolphins and whales? they’re pretty smart and seem to talk…

I really hate peas. And raw tomatoes, unless they are the best mediterranean ones. And I hate mashed potatoes and cake and anything ‘fluffy’ (no, not him).

Biting into big tomatoes makes me cringe, even if I see someone else doing it.

And what the fuck are marshmallows? They must be a contender for the ‘most pointless items’ Oscar.

Will peas ever REALLY be given a chance? We need a [color=#40BF00]greener[/color] world. And don’t get mushy on me.

:hand: You can get frozen out for pea puns.

For you? Yes. Likely the day you get your dentures.[/quote]

Bummer. I was really hoping they’d invent an army of nanobots that attacks plaque while you sleep.

Yeah, but get some duff / renegade ones, you can wave goodbye to your brain tissue. Assuming you still have your motor functions. :hand: I’ll stick with the Colgate.