Defamation allegation

Hello! Looking for help in this precious case…

My friend Margaret is in a dilemma. She is an American citizen that was living in Taipei for about a year (really just a tourist visa and did and few visa run) with her gf is an EU citizen. Her gf got a job working in a restaurant in Taipei (how she received her ARC), and because of Margaret’s experience as FOH (front of house) in restaurants she was also recruited to “help out” the restaurant. Yes, you all guess right, illegally "helping out ".

Fast forward a year later, the couple leaves taiwan, her gf and the owner agree to break the contract early due to irreconcilable differences.

A few weeks after leaving Taiwan, Margaret’s gf is accused of stealing $200,000NT worth of items from the owner. They were living in one of the owner’s properties. However the items the owner claims that the gf stole, never existed in the apartment in the first place. To fix the situation, the owner was asking for 200,000 IN CASH in 3 days. Which side note, if your asking for 200,000 from someone who doesnt live in the same country, wouldn’t a wire be more sensible? It seems a bit sketchy to me.

So sweet sweet Marge, goes to rant her feelings on good ole Instagram stories. She rants on her whole experiences with working this owner who sounds like the creme de la creme of shitshow, which also turns into some rants onto some of the special rich guests she served. In her post, she does not mention any name, the restaurant, location, gender, or anything that can give away the person. Margaret, knowing that she was illegally working, also never mentioned that she was working in this restaurant, or ever makes a post. The only thing that can possibly reveal the identity would be ‘dickboss’. (I hope I delight a few folks out there that urban dictionary defines dick boss as a female pimp. Giggles <3)

The owner who is not friends with Margaret on Instagram, saw this post, got his feelings hurt and now is suing Margaret for defamation.

Her mother has been called into the police station twice for investigation (mother is Taiwanese) and they have set a court date in December, or because they know Margaret is no longer in Taiwan, has allowed her to set a date in the next 3 month to appear in court. If she does not her mother has stated that they will send a warrant.

Her mother is convinced it’s a simple case, which it does seem so, however she is a bit upset since the owners goal is for margaret and her gf to waste money on flying over and defending themselves. Regarding the gf’s alleged wine theft, multiple friends who could have made statement to help them chose not to, due to the owners reputation for getting lawsuit happy and has had falsified documents to win over his suits.

They have consulted a lawyer and they have said that it seems like the owner is after money, which the owner has plenty of.

Since the theft allegation has happened the owner has threatened, blackmailed, harassed, and even attempted to embezzle the gf’s european bank account to reverse the last payment of salary the owner made to the gf.

Side note: Margaret has entered Taiwan on usa passport/ visitor visa and her Taiwanese passport/3month visit limitation.

My questions are:

  1. Is this for real in Taiwan? An instagram story with no reference to anyone is considered a crime?
  2. The post was made overseas. Can this be tried in Taiwan? Does Taiwan have jurisdiction over a post made outside of the island?
  3. How long is the statue of limitation if she becomes a “criminal?”
  4. She is an American, however was in the process of obtaining Taiwanese citizenship through her mother’s lineage. She only got the passport, which still doesnt allow her to stay in taiwan (3 months max), cant open bank account or vote or purchase land, basically shes not a full citizen. Does this aide or hinder the case?
  5. Is the fact that shes an American useful at all.
  6. If she does come back to Taiwan, say in 5 years and there is a warrant out for her, what’s going to happen to her?
  7. Any recommendations on what to do?

Hate that this has to be my first post but I’m not sure where else to go. If anyone has any knowledge on what to do with this, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Anyway can file any old shit lawsuits in Taiwan so the bullies all do this…The proper way to do is start filing shitty lawsuits back and causing them all sorts of hassle .

The mother doesn’t need to accept the warrant/registered mail for the court case throw the letters away nothing to do with her, that’s what I would have thought. I might be wrong though.