Defecting Chinese spy offers information trove to Australian government

In Taiwan, Mr Wang said his intelligence operation was in contact with media executives in order to influence Taiwan’s political system as part of a systemic election meddling campaign being waged by Beijing to topple candidates (including President Tsai Ing-Wen) considered hostile. He said his operation had backed presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu.

Mr Wang said he was responsible for coordinating a “cyber army” to shift political opinion, similar to Russia’s cyber interference operations in the US elections.

“Our work on Taiwan was the most important work of ours – the infiltration into media, temples and grassroots organisations,” said Wang.


They should be rooted out here but…I’m guessing nothing much is done. I’m guessing their identities are well known already .

Really should have defected somewhere else. I would not be surprised if Australia sends him back because of the deep economic dependency on China.


If the only information he has to offer as a trade is on Australia, Hong Kong and Taiwan. I think he picked the best option of the three.

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We should have known!

This Australian report is the most comprehensive on the matter.


It’d be more news-worthy if he said this wasn’t the case.


He spelt out how China is buying the alliance of Taiwan’s temples by funding them and treating them to tour China for free. While there, they would feed worshippers with the United Front propaganda, and make them believe the DPP government is destroying Taiwan’s economy.

This is also why KMT legislators were pushing for amendments to the Religion Act to reduce government oversight and restrictions over religious organizations.


People have been talking about this for a while.

Though it is good that an alleged Chinese spy is publicly revealing this. KMT’s polls are already in the tankers, now they are gonna be reaching the new lows, which is good since nobody needs another KMT administration.

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I wonder how much can we attribute the fracturing of anti-KMT alliance between DPP, Ko Wen-je and NPP to Chinese intelligence.

Right now I feel Tsai isn’t home free just yet. With the fracturing of the alliance and zealous Han supporters, KMT still has a chance to squeeze by.

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Well it’s never wrong to be cautious but if Tsai had been polling as poorly as Han has been no one would think she has any chance to squeeze by.

That’s because Tsai’s supporters are a lot more fickled and quick to blame the DPP for not living up to their expectations. Tsai’s supporters also often don’t live in their city of their household registration, so they have to make extra efforts to vote, and when they are not motivated they simply don’t.

If Wang Li-qiang would spell out how they’ve replaced 2015 Ko Wen-je with this new Ko Wen-je, that would be brand new information.

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Long suspected, but to see these suspicions proven … Wow. I just can’t see this guy being alive for too long after this - the Aussies better keep him hidden somewhere under guard for the rest of his life.


…About time !


The two executives have been detained for a month, but not charged and prevented from leaving, but there has been very little news about the “spy case”.

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Spy has been threatened on Christmas Eve by current KMT leadership (Alex Tsai)?

“Tsai vs. spy”

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