Everyone who was at Games Club today, I told you I’d do this:

[quote=“Webster”]Main Entry: whit
Pronunciation: 'hwit, 'wit
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English, probably alteration of wiht, wight creature, thing – more at WIGHT
: the smallest part or particle imaginable : BIT <what some people will do for a whit of publicity – Patrick Quinn>[/quote]

[quote=“Webster”]Main Entry: 1zig
Pronunciation: 'zig
Function: noun
Etymology: zigzag
1 a : one of the sharp turns, angles, or alterations in a zigzag course b : one of the short straight lines or sections of a zigzag course at an angle to a zag
2 : a sharp alteration or change of direction (as in a process or policy) <the quick zigs and zags of his international maneuverings – N.Y. Times>[/quote]
Neener-neener :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately kwijibo comes up empty :laughing:

50 additional points for you. :wink: