does using the net affect the effectiveness of the defragmenting process?

the defragmenting software that comes in every PC seems to leave a lot of red segments,are there softwares that can be used to do a better job than the windows one?

I’m guessing (just guessing) that it can’t defragment files that are in use, for the same reason you can’t delete a file that’s in use. If that’s the case, closing all programs will help.
Besides, the tech guy in PCFormat says that both defragmenting and anti-virus programs are more trouble then they’re worth.

Yes, the cache of you browser is probably full of thousands of small files that are all over the place and take up lot’s of space.
Thus delete the cache of each browser and the Windows temporary folder(s) before starting the defragmentation process.

(For IE go to Tools/Internet Options/General (tab) and click the ‘Delete …’ button in the ‘Browsing History’ section. Then click ‘Delete files …’, and finally ‘Yes’ when prompted.)

It’s possible that your disc is too full so the defragmentation software can’t move the segments before combining them later.
Remove all programs that you don’t use anymore and delete all files, in particular the cache of your browser (see above).
The Window tool performs better with lot’s of free space.

That being said I tried PerfectDisc and Abexo (?) before but both were trial versions only, i.e. you need to pay if you want to use them in future (the trial version has full functionality I think but can only be used for a limited time).

Yeah, empty your recycle bin and delete all tempory/cache files first so there’s less to defragment.

Open all programs you will usually run and start the defragementation than.

Is it better to defrag before scanning a disk for errors or to scan before defragging? Or does it make no difference?

ok thank you all

the red segments were due to my discs being too full,as said by Rascal.

he might be a tech guy,but i can’t help notice that my laptop don’t freeze,runs fast as new and it doesn’t take 3 minutes for apps to open
as far as anti-virus,i won’t even think of not running any