Degree notarized?


Hi there,

As I’m applying for jobs a recruiter informed me that my college diploma needs to be notarized at a TECO office back in my home country. (USA)

I have never heard of this requirement? Does anyone know if this is still the case?



I am currently in the process of getting my HND (Higher Natonal Diploma) notarised/legalised and then authenticated. If your university or college isn’t on the list of “recognised institutions” then I believe that you must go through this process.

Due to me having a 2 year college course (UK version of an associate’s degree) along with a TEFL, this is the only way that I can work legally in Taiwan.

I am moving back to Taiwan in March next year (from England) so I am getting all of my ducks in a row now.

I have already had the diploma notarised, it is currently with the FCO in the UK getting legalised, the final step will involved me sending it to the Taiwan representative office in London to be authenticated :joy: what an arduous task.

I hope this helps, there are a few threads on here that cover this topic, some more in-depth than this post.

Good luck!



Before your are officially granted a working visa in Tawain, you will need to Authenticate your degree at local TECO in the US. However, the problem is that one may not be in the state where you obtained your US diploma. Also prior to submitting the diploma, you will be required to submit it to several other government places. In order to simplify the process, I would suggest contacting INC Notarization in the US. They will be able to finish the entire authentication process. Their email address is


Where did you get this info?
I didn’t have to go through that with my degree


You don’t have to.

Always a clue when various months old threads are brought back up with a URL posted in each to a service.


They’re just spamming their business. Apparently it’s a new form of advertising.


i have done this. Expensive and time consuming. New laws on the mainland China require notarisation, and i am guessing it won’t be long before it spreads, mark my words. It involves 3 distinct processes which i won’t go into here, best find a good agency to do it all for you. can do online. 4 weeks in total.