Deja student

have you come across this? after teaching for years and years, you start typifying students by face and personality. last night i had a “deja student”. could have sworn i taught her before but that was in taipei. totally different person.

where am i going with this? fuck i don’t know. comments anyone?

I find that most people I meet fit into one kind of mold or other. People tend to develop similar personality types. It’s only a matter of time before you start getting repeat combinations of general appearance and personality. Then you have your deja student.

Yep, I’ve had them.

i wish the student i had with 34 F would be cloned repeatedly.

That is quite the endeering personality trait, haha.

some students types i’ve noticed

-Bored Housewife

Speaks: in giggles
Hobbies: Sleeping, shopping, regretting her marriage vows
Reason for learning English: Nothing good on TV
Will sleep with me: Maybe

-Ambitious businesswoman

Speaks: ex cathedra
Hobbies: Sucking lemons. dropping names. wishing she was in paris
Shows up: Late. with a flourish. Sometimes. Her time is valuable!
Reason for learning English: So she can pretend to be an ABC. also, dreams of reading the wall street journal editorial page in the original
Will sleep with me: No.

-Downtrodden office lady

Speaks: in weary sighs
Hobbies: sleeping through class. turning her rage inward.
Shows up: Late. after a 12 hour shift. with dark circles under her eyes.
Reason for learning English: Her boss makes her.
Will sleep with me: Yes.

-Junior High Teacher

Speaks: in semicolons
Hobbies: Being charming and sophisticated
Reason for learning English: Beat out 400 other applicants to teach 13 year olds to sing “Row row row your boat.” Preparing a daring escape into the british university system.
Will sleep with me: No.

excellent. but i suggest keep trying for the hard ones. they will crack sooner or later.

I’ve heard about persistence paying off but i’ve never really understood how that’s possible. If you’re out you’re out, if you’re in you’re in. Isn’t that how it works?

oh no. sooner or later they realize they need you.

Who else is going to watch her house at night to make sure nobody bothers her?

friggen hilarious…


not for us because we actually score.