Delayed start of the new semester in Taiwan (but summer vacation two weeks shorter)?

Can someone confirm this? Apparently it was just on TV news.


oh don’t play jokes on me boy!!!

I know! That was my reaction. Nothing on English news yet.

Just got a message from my kids primary school saying the same, school postponed till 2.25


Oh, bloody hell!

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That means they won’t finish the semester until July 14? FFS, I’ve booked a vacation in France from the 4th.

Most parents are going to have to put their kids into daycare anyway. It’s not like the kids aren’t going to be contaminating each other.


This is absolutely fucking ridiculous.


They never just give us an extra holiday - always have to take one back in return. Just like the work in Saturdays!

Those articles I posted are talking about automatic leave for parents too (But the bit about getting paid is blurry, so I guess yea, day care)

FYI, this delay in the school year does not affect private Kindergartens.

Last summer, EVA strike, this year coronavirus strikes!


Oh, I’ve just realised that we will miss my sister’s wedding as well.

They are saying that parents are able to take leave to ‘care for their children’.

We’ve called buxiban’s and they say they are open and will let kids’ go for all day if they need.

I ran the second story through Google Translate - so have I got it right that university schedules have yet to be decided, but will likely also be delayed? (Moving to the 25th is only a one-week delay anyway.)

Just to, you know, make it all about me.

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And yet at the same time they’re saying students don’t need to wear masks…


Currently only 7 Universities have delayed the start of the semester.

MOE and representatives from most of the Universities are having a meeting on Monday so after tomorrow more might delay the semester (or maybe all of them will)


lol of course they will

I’m assuming this precedes the article from Taipei Times three days ago that said TAS is opening on Thursday?

Exactly and this is why no one trusts the government both sides of the Taiwan straight. Totally conflicting messages.

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In English.

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