Delays! DELAYS!


Well, just figured that the title might grab some attention. I just wanted to hop on this thing and tell you guys/gals what’s going on with me. My return to Taiwan will be delayed by…oh…2 years minimum. :astonished:

Reason being, I got a job working with the Dept. of Juvenile Justice in Florida. I’m working as a youth counselor at one of the wilderness camps that they run through a private organization called Eckerd Youth Alternatives.

Soooo…I’m committed to work for the program for 2 years. I have no doubt that I’ll make that mark. It’s going well so far. But, in the back of my mind I’m still anxious and anticipating returning to Taiwan. But, like I said, it’s gonna have to be another couple of years in coming.

Oh well. I just hope most, if not all, of the regulars are around. Well, that’s all. My posts will probably be sporadic on the 'Mosa from now on. I hope everyone is doing well. :notworthy:

Congratulations and good luck! I hope you do keep posting from time to time. Let us know how things go for you and how you adjust.


Oh yeah. I forgot to say good luck. :smiley: I’ll still be around in 2 years time, guess I’ll catch you then.

Yeah…good luck, hope you enjoy your new job. It’s hard thinking about Taiwan all the time when you are back in your own country but Taiwan will seem nice and fresh when you get back. (especially if this rainy weather continues).


Congratulations on the great gig!

Hope you still drop by this board from time to time.

Yes, I hope all goes well! Actually I am jealous, with the weather here now I wish I was back in lovely FLA.

BTW, spent much of my life in the wilderness of that great state, watch out for the gators and rattlers, in a couple of months they will be everywhere if not already depending on which part you are in.

Yo Jinete,

Enjoy a few taquitos for me while you’re still there. :slight_smile:

Jinete Mortal,

Congratulations on the job! That’s such good news to hear. You make Forumosans proud! :beer:

All the best to you on your new path.

Uh, not that they were particularly relevant to the conversation, but uh weren’t there some more posts to this threat? Just curious.

Try the Flounder Forum.