How big is teh bump? What color? Any disconfort when you touch it?

My dog is very old and has a lot of these “moles” (for lack of a better word). They upset me a lot but the vet tells me they are natural in older dogs and hence not dangerous.

I do not like them as when I am checking the dog for ticks and stuff it gets a bit confusing. Maybe your doggie, since he’s so young, has a small passenger. That is dangerous but easy to handle.

It can also be a sign of an insect bite. If many of these appear, then it’s allergy.

Hope it is nothing to worry about.

thanks for the reply. I added some other parts to this story on my first post again.

I don’t think he feels any discomfort. He hasn’t itched or anything near there. There might be some flea or something there, but my eye’s can’t find it too well.

Found this for reference:

Have a look at the pictures “menu”.

Not much point asking us. Ask a vet.

Is the lump still there or has it disappeared? What did the vet say?

A lump can also form after a vaccination shot but it goes away after a few days.