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I’m new in Taiwan, trying not be confused with new environment (50/50 success :wink: ). I have small problem with delivery address. If anyone could tell me how it should be filled in. I have tried by my own, did not work (there is information: We’re sorry. This item can’t be shipped to your selected destination. )

Address line 1 (Floor, No. Lane, Road ?)
Address line 2

I’m living in Tamsui District.

I don’t think Taiwan has Amazon, or eBay, which is a shame. I think most locals buy and sell stuff over Yahoo, but that’s just across Taiwan, not internationally.

It’s not about your address, some items are not shipped to overseas.
I have several shipping address stored in Amazon, some items are shipped, but I would suggest check the delivery fees.
Sometimes its cheaper using a mail forwarder in the US (I have pretty good results with Shipito, but there are also others)

When I order in the US from Amazon, I use Comgateway since 5 years and very happy. Use a local forwarder whom will provide you your " US address " to ship from Amazon to you first.

well, I know there is domestic delivery and international delivery on Amazon. The first one has no chance to pass, but the second should have no troubles.

Ok, anywho, I will try to use mail forwarder. As I understand it works like: Amazon -> mail forwarder in US -> Taiwan ?

Does it make more expensive by useing 3rd party?

Thank you for help.

Some products can’t be shipped internationally because of region codes, licensing and the like.

Yes, cfimages is correct. And some Amazon items are supplied by other vendors (look for the fine print on the Choose your shipping options page, e.g. “sold by” or “this item ships from”), so individual vendors’ policys apply; these vary widely.

I always ship to my parents and ask them to forward it on to my Taiwan address. I gave them a PDF with the address in both Chinese and English, just in case the mail carrier has problems with pinyin.

I only can tell from my experience.
Ordered a receiver from Amazon, shipping to Taiwan would have been 250.00 USD.
Mail forwarder charged 160.00 USD

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What do you mean receiver? As in the part of a rifle where the bolt goes, the AV amplifier thing, or a position in American football?

Football player most likely, I hear they’re easy.

But really, Amazon itself ships to other countries, but they have a lot of 3rd party sellers on the site. If you check to see who the seller is and where they can ship, there ought to me no problems with your address.

cheking the sellers is a solution. Although the price might not be the lowest at the table. So the 3rd party solution mentioned above might be cheaper.

One more. I heared that university can order for you ( mostly I wish to order books for my studies). Anyone know anything about this way of buying ?

was an onkyo av receiver.

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I have a lot of stuff shipped for personal use for vendors off the Internet. My country does not tax about 99% of goods exported to it from Taiwan or other nations. Anyways, I just got finished filling out 6 pages of paperwork to import 30 multivitamins from England. LOL. Chunghwa Post is completely inefficient and fascist. My problem is the exorbitant amount of tax charge on products that are not for resale in Taiwan but the manner in which it is carried out. There are so many packages received that they only randomly check those not detected by drug sniffing dogs. This means that they only check about 1% of packages coming through. Unfortunately, once your package is stopped, the inefficiency begins. In my opinion, it creates a system in which people will attempt to be deceptive about items coming in. Am I the only one that thinks the current system is a nightmare and problematic? The reality is that it is 2013 and an individuals can have products shipped to them from any of the 197 countries in the world.

Perhaps I read this incorrectly but I thought the original poster simply wanted information on how to fill out the address?

If you have a business, line 1 is used for the name and line 2 for everything else (floor, street address, section). If you don’t have a business that you are shipping things to, obviously move things up a line.

I don’t include district in the English shipping address.

The rest is the same.

Av amplifiers.

You can’t ship firearms receivers within the us unless it’s to a ffl and amazon will not allow firearms to be sold on their platform at all. Also if you even try to ship it outside of the us without state department permit you will be in some serious trouble.

You don’t know what an AV amplifier/receiver is?

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