Delivery of mail from the UK suspended by Taiwan's Postal Service

Hey all, I sent a letter via royal mail on Dec 26th to pingtung. Taiwan then suspended mail to and from UK due covid… Does anyone know if the postal service has resumed? Or a better way to send a priority letter that will actually get into Taiwan?


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Does anyone know if mail from the UK is still suspended?

Infected British people are still arriving.
Personally, I used to disinfect all mail from China , inside and out and I still do.

When they ceased delivery, it was because flights were halted as well.

Considering that flights have resumed, I would assume that delivery is happening as well.

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Send an email to the PO. They usually get back in touch in a day or two.

Just tried to send a parcel to the UK through two post offices using EMS. I was told there are no flights to the UK! And therefore no can do. Is this correct? Is it possible the local post office does not have the latest updated information?

Yes is correct

Another option is to ship these parcels by DHL


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I received a package from the UK via FedEx last week.

I received a package from the UK via DHL today.

Is DHL operating as normal at the moment then for UK-Taiwan, or have they upped the prices or something? I need to get a couple of bank cards sent over in the near future, nothing too big - I think last time was around £40.

Prices haven’t changed as far as I know.

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Problem is not price but time: everything is still delayed. Normal express stuff that would take let’s say 4 days, takes now 11 days. So ask first/confirm before you pay.

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Mail is getting through somehow, I received my Xmas cards from the UK last week :rofl:

They had been sent on December 3.

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