Demo Classes

Hi all,

In a bit of a quandary. I’ve been asked by my school to come up with a demo class, but I’m in that infinitum pickle of choosing a review game to do that lasts 10 mins and wins parental hearts and minds! There may be hundreds of suggestions, but I’d like to any tried and testesd that worked well on the day. Anything that involves moms and dads on the day is good, but they seldom are ready to participate and whole audience participation can either flare or fizzle in my experience.

One that I’ve done well in the past with the whole room was a scavenger hunt, where the kids were given a list of items that they’d learned in class and asked to find those among the moms and dads (everyday things like watches, pens, a packet of potato chips etc…).

Any and all suggestions appreciated.
Mr. B