Democrats can’t distinguish objective facts from media narratives as well as Trump supporters

Did they conduct the survey? Did they skew the results? The data is all there, so please regale us with your wisdom.

Certainly the questions were chosen to highlight specific areas of knowledge, but unless there is some error in the methodology or the results have been fudged, I don’t see why you should dismiss this data out of hand.


Keep in mind that the poster is Canadian, and at least one of the others isn’t American, either.

I think we have some folks here who don’t have US passports speaking as if they do. Just saying.

I read the article and all I can tell is people have confirmation bias…in other news, sky is blue.


I don’t think it’s that simple. I consider myself reasonable well informed and skeptical of the news, but I got 5 questions wrong. I think this survey shows the power of the media in shaping (not just confirming) opinions.

Furthermore, I think it is safe to assume that the groups of people consume different media, and it is interesting to see which questions are most incorrectly answered by which groups.


They took a poll of 700 people…once. In a country of 300 million. Even Taiwan’s polls are more extensive than this.

Another 700 could have wildly different results. I’m sceptical.

10000 would have been much more representative.


Are the margin of errors they report incorrect based on their criteria?

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But not likely. Assuming that those polled were chosen randomly and that the responses to the questions are normally distributed, the odds of a “wildly” different result (i.e., opposite) are likely less than 2%.

I’m sure some people are disappointed with the results, that’s normal. Perhaps more such quizzes are forthcoming; I hope so. But I don’t see any reason to doubt the results of this one.

Btw, how did you do?

I feel the results are accurate regardless of sample size. It seems logical to me that people will agree with facts that support their beliefs.

That’s not the conclusion reached here, though.

The conclusion reached in this survey is that Democrats on avg are less informed on this set of 24 questions than Trump supporters.

Didn’t attempt the quiz. Wouldn’t know any of the answers and would simply be guessing.

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A lot of the facts in this research have a ‘conservative bias’ in that they asked things that are frequent conservative talking points and as well as areas that Democrats frequently frame incorrectly. I imagine you could easily come up with a survey that does the opposite and reverse the results.

That said, the ‘conservative advantage’ has been written about previously and could likely be widening as they are generally exposed to more liberal talking points than the other way around.


That’s a good point. I’ll think about that.

I am still correct in that people who found out this survey was conducted by a possibly libertarian organisation immediately disregarded any results.

I’ve seen other recent surveys that say while Democrats avoid conservative news sites and their points of view, those in the GOP tend to read more widely.

That’s been the case for me. Many times I have no choice but to read a news site like WaPo or NYT or Vox on some subjects, but I also make a point of searching out other news on sites biased in other ways.

It may be a confirmation that one-stop/one-narrative news gathering is no longer viable for staying well-informed.


The survey was commissioned by a possibly libertarian organization. Has anyone alleged that the research entity which conducted the survey is “possibly libertarian” or has any other potential political bias?

Not that I know of.

Whats sad is they understand how America is supposed to work better than the people claiming theyre from out of town. (Which of course matters because

Didn’t you spend most of the summer loudly boasting about how you avoid MSM? What changed?

What, no coffee? Jesus, wake up.

Keep in mind that you’re assuming they’re all on America’s side. People def exist who would love nothing better than if the US disappeared in a nuclear cloud, and I’d bet a beach house that some of them post/lurk here.


@marco that is a small sample size

@bojack The name is Homer. how much do you want to bet? Also please name who you believe wishes harm on the US. Thats an awfully strong insinuation that would require proof

Errr…bet on what?

Edit: Seems that the post above has been edited.

I will go on my merry way. :whistle:

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