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Mormons are Christian, bozo.

The only people that actually believe that are Mormons.


maybe many non Christian people think Mormons are Christian too.

Technically if you believe in Jesus the Christ as your lord and savior then you is a Christian (much though it pains me to admit it in the case of the Mormons).

Technically Mormons believe that they are the rightful Christians and everyone else is an apostate.

They reject the trinity and are basically polytheistic with god the father, son and Holy Spirit as separate gods out of many other gods. Not Christians. Christianity is strictly monotheistic. It’s pretty clear in the Bible that there is no other god but the Abrahamic god.

Their book and new prophet and revelation that supersede the Bible that no other church accepts.

Not to mention they think the garden of eden is in Missouri…and Jesus came back to North America.

Islam is closer to Christianity than Mormonism.

Huh. Ipso facto (?) I must be a Mormon. That’s mildly interesting.

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What if you have more than one affiliation?

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please choose one.

I’m similar on that. I went FSM as my second choice. First choice should have been to not have any opinion and therefore to not reply to the thread, doh!

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It’s important that those of us who don’t particularly give a toss make our voices heard. Otherwise, we end up with the illusion that the world is only made up of strident believers and equally militant non-believers, and that clearly isn’t the case.


I googled what is apatheist, and found I’m similar to that. I chose others.

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I’m a Daltonist.

But he was only in two Bond movies…


He was decades ahead of his time. Daniel Craig pretty much copied him.


OK, he wasn’t bad…but a minor deity at most. Hardly anything to start a religion over.

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How could you forget Catholics? There are 1 billion of us!

Christian since birth, but I do respect other’s belief/religion.

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That’s some early decision making skills.

No offence.