Demographics Taiwan (How Many of What Kind of Foreign Residents)


Keep in mind that there will be way more ‘Canadians’ and ‘Americans’ in Taiwan thanks to citizens of convenience that collect passports as an insurance policy.

“an estimated 50,000 to 60,000 Canadians living in Taiwan.”

Yes NIA says otherwise.

Good ol’ anchor babies.


If there are that many Canadians, then the number of US Americans should be some multiple more than that (incalculable without resorting to the arcane art of mathematics). There could turn out to be more Americans in Taiwan than aborigines!


It’s not only anchor babies, but also Overseas Chinese who have lived in Canada for 2 or 3 generations. Quite a lot enter Taiwan on their ROC passport and as such are not counted as Canadians. This isn’t different from a Canadian of European descent discovering their Irish or French ancestry and applying for citizenship through that route. Not every Canadian of Chinese ancestry is an anchor baby. You come across as a racist.


No, not every one is, but way too many are. I wouldn’t have a problem if the margin between those numbers was a few thousand… But that difference is insane.

Canada really needs to stop its tradition of giving citizenship by soil. It’s been abused - - by everyone - - in the last two decades, particularly in the last five years.


Same is true for the U.S. Anchor babies plus chain migration has caused the country to totally lose control of who does and doesn’t immigrate into the country. I think immigration is, on the whole, a good thing, but I also think a country’s government and citizens should have more of a say about who is allowed in.


That’s precisely what Taiwan is doing, yet what you get on Forumosa are whiny cramschool teachers complaining about the high threshold to qualify for dual nationality :smiley: Pretty ironic.


Are there uncontrolled throngs of cram-school teachers having anchor babies here and bringing all their relatives over? Give me a break. .:roll_eyes:


There are fewer than 1000 South Africans? I’m not buying that. Only 68 in Hsinchu - do fuck off. I did a training session there a few months ago and there were over two hundred attendees - 90% saffer.

There’s no way we limeys outnumber them two to one. I would guestimate at least 5000 South Africans in Taiwan.


During past 25 years, 268366 nationals without husehold registration became full taiwanese citizens, though I couldn’t find info of their original citizenship.


Are all those octogenarian/nonogenarian Catholic priests and nuns pumping out the anchor babies in order to qualify for dual citizenship?

Or is the purported “high threshold” (quoting Hsinhai) that Taiwan applies for dual nationality in all practical terms actually just a racial standard?


Some of us are probably some of those? If I understand hhr correctly.


I’m not sure if naturalized nationals without household registrations are included in that number.


How about ABC, CBC etc. who have no household registration but yes ROC passport or at least that option by choice?


Part of them may be included in NWOHR (Nationals WithOut Household Resistration) on TARC (Taiwan Area Resident Certificate), and roughly 5000 TARCs / year are issued for NWOHR in past 5 years.

内政部移民署 統計資料 106年11月



I really appreciate your thoughtful contributions, BUT if you could explain these acronyms for us lay forumosans, that would be much appreciated too.