Demolish Miramar

Having won more court cases than Perry Mason to prove Miramar was illegally built, therefore must go, the end, Taitung Government is still clinging on. As you do. Taitung County Magistrate, Rao Ching-ling (饒慶鈴), is now focused on preserving the resort’s buildings and facilities, and turning them into …a venue for international meetings.”

Sounds nice - a place for international conferences of leading experts … in … whatever … science and economics - that sort of thing.

Another way to put it is:

Exclusive playground for elites to conduct their gravy train existences

Great. How much is that gonna keep on costing the poor old taxpayer - ‘going forward’?

It smacks of a white elephant money pit. I don’t know the complete history of white elephantology, but guessing ‘corrupt government officials x greedy property developer’ is the basic equation. Only winners are those two - all the way through. They never willingly stop. Sometimes they’re made to.

Fri Dec 4

Activity on Shan Yuan Beach: exhibition, discussion, and concert. The musical part starts at 2 pm - will go till the evening. (It won’t be the big shows that have been staged before - there’s a rush constraint - maybe later. But it’ll be good. Five acts including Banai, Balai, and Da Da (big big)


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