Demonoid Registration CLOSED 3-17-2010!

[size=150]CLOSED AGAIN!!size]

I got in. Now what do I do?

Yeah! I’m in! I’m in! WTF is

[quote=“sandman”]I got in. Now what do I do?[/quote]You need to download and install a Bittorrent client to your computer in order to download, NON COPYRIGHTED, PUBLIC DOMAIN, files.

I use uTorrent. It’s very light, and easy to use. Get it free here.

Once you’ve installed uTorrent on your computer and configured it, you can browse through Demonoid’s file system and download it to your computer quickly and easily.

Read up on the Bittorrent protocol here.

Torrents. And no, nobody’s got enough patience to explain that one to you. :laughing:

You lost me. :neutral:

But what does it do? I have heard talk of this thing in hushed tones before, but wo ting bu dong. What is a torrent? I HAD to sign up, but I don’t know why.


I’ve registered, but if I don’t get a free demon, I’m gonna be pissed.

It’s a demonOID, check the small print.


Closed again!

You can buy mine off me if you want.

You can buy mine off me if you want.[/quote]

I already have an account. In fact, I have invitation codes if anyone needs one!


check your PM!

Get in while they have open registration!