Dengue Fever 2019

It seems like a few to a couple hundred of people die every year in Taiwan from dengue fever. Feb seems like an early start.

The last few years have been bad in the south. I think it’s because of the longer summer.

Government advice " warning the public to take precautions against mosquito bites "…Oh ok then,

These last days I’ve killed so many mosquitoes. Really, there are too many of them everywhere.

10 people in this Kaohsiung cluster.

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Eight indigenous dengue cases have been confirmed so far this year, all in Kaohsiung, the CDC said.

Centered on Dingjin Village
807, Kaohsiung City, Sanmin District

There have also been 153 imported dengue cases, the highest number for the period in 10 years, it said, adding that most of the imported cases were from Southeast Asian countries, including 55 from Indonesia and 32 from Vietnam.

old thrown-away tires are big areas for mosquitoes.
Rain gets inside the discarded tire and can’t be dried out. great apartments for those biters

What does this mean. They came to Taiwan with dengue fever?

That’s the way I read it. I guess could indirectly could mean more indigenous could result but that’s just a thought.

Does this mean they’re going to be going house to house spraying the indoor environs with chemicals again?

Seems a bit odd. It takes up to two weeks for the symptoms to manifest (personal experience) but it’s unlikely 153 SE Asians could land carrying dengue but be asymptomatic.

This normally includes people who contracted it while on holiday and return to Taiwan, as well as the people who come here before symptoms manifest.

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They do that in our neighborhood like every month, even in winter. We are in a market next to an open sewer, eh, small creek? Does not do any good. Aside from the floor being coverd by dying roaches for a few hours, the rest of teh time the mozzies keep on ruling the skies.

Doesnt this seem like a lot of people getting through quarantine during customs? What if they had a serious infectious disease?

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Yea what’s up with that? Are they catching anyone?


From my understanding, the screening is so they can let everyone else on the plane know they have the potential to catch a disease. If someone developed symptoms mid flight, they just get quarantined and treated. How do you know if someone is sick from an infection or just travel sick? You can’t really start blood tests for every person that enters a country, but you never know this may be the next border check to get into the US :wink:

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Quarantine doesn’t mean getting kept in isolation.

I caught dengue on a visit to the Philippines and developed the symptoms on the day I returned to Taiwan. I showed up at Taoyuan glowing white hot on the thermal cameras and got pulled aside at quarantine.

They asked where I’d come from, told me they suspected it was dengue and made me give a blood sample for testing.

I was then told to go home and report to hospital within 24 hours and allow the CDC in to spray my apartment with insecticide. Not complying would have got me fined.

So either people either aren’t symptomatic on arrival, or they’re stopped and allowed through.



I wonder what would happen if you were a tourist?