Dengue Fever 2019

First case has reached as far north as Taoyuan.

A lot of cases reported in the Philippines recently

A lot of cases reported in the Philippines recently in the press …sorry double post .

Many cases in the, ah, Phillipines.

600 deaths already this year.

this is true, whatever area with standing water is where they reproduce

Well, they told us we have to throw the water out of our acuatic plants because of dengue. :frowning_face:

Put tiny fish in the water, that is what many people do. They eat the bugs.

You want me to kill the fish, too?!

I second that. Try the Siamese Fighting fish, specially a female one. You don’t need to air the water for it and, if the aquarium is big enough, you don’t even need to filter it. Just buy the fish and some food.
They are carnivorous and will keep your aquarium free of bugs.
You can try a male too, but they are very eye-catching and will take the attention from the plant, which is the primary reason you’re buying it.

Another option is to place an air pump there. The mosquito likes stagnant water and won’t be able to place their eggs there.


I live near Zhongxiao Fuxing MRT and yesterday morning saw group of cleaners fully protected cleaning streets and small alleys and there was guy in suit with them. Found bit weird but what do I know… Today morning noise on street, police together with team of people spraying streets, local shops open for them to spray inside. They spray entrance of our building, stairs and whole rooftop. Seems there was discovered dengue fever in neighborhood

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Radio news this morning said they found one Dengue case in Daan district and that the person had been traveling in South Taiwan so they’re not sure where it came from. And they are cleaning n spraying the area.

Nice to see that the Taiwan government tries to stay on top of it and even get ahead of it.