Denied passport?

The woman at AIT told me there was a substantial chance that my lost/stolen American passport replacement application would be denied by Honolulu because I gave them an “unofficial” birth certificate. What the &!#@ do I do if they don’t approve it? I have to go home (to the US) Aug 29…

Maybe it’s not as scary as it sounds, but I’m pretty worried. help?

If push comes to shove, AIT can issue you a boarding letter. With the boarding letter in hand you can travel directly to the States and apply for a new passport once in the States. Bear in mind that to travel on a boarding letter your travel must be directly to the States (except for layovers enroute).

Good–I wasn’t sure if a boarding letter could be offered on a denied passport, or only while it was in processing. Thanks.

Must stop worrying. ^^;