Denied work permit

Hello… I’m looking for some legal advice re a denied working permit. I’ve been granted two working permits and then, with the same documents, had my last application denied. I’d like to know what, if anything, I could do about this. While I appreciate any advice, I’m would really like to hear from a lawyer who has first hand knowledge of current Taiwan labor laws.

You need to supply a bit more information chauncey.

my degree was, but now is not, recognized by the issuing office.

sounds like you found the reason

Have you lived in the country on an ARC for 5 years? You can get a visa that way too, I heard.

More information needed.

Seems like the obvious thing to do would be to simply re-apply. Course, the question is are you skipping from job to job within a short period of time, or is this the third consecutive application at the conclusion of the previous contract period?

Remember that it can all depend on the mood of the particular person you get at the desk, so going back and drawing a different number can’t hurt.

try resubmitting - people in similar situations (?) to yours have been denied in the past, and accepted a week later. i shit you not when i say that some schools in taoyuan actually include this possibility in the document submittal time line …

What is your degree? Should it have been denied in the first place, and you were lucky before, or is it really valid (I mean in the eyes of the Taiwanese government, not everyone else’s eyes, so please don’t take offense).

Did you present the original diploma, or was it some sort of copy, and if so, was it certified by TECO or notarized, or what?

Need more information, as has been said above. (Also, please don’t double post the same thing in different fora.)