Denmark reportedly changes status of Taiwanese residents to 'citizens of China'

Taiwanese people do, mostly, claim to be “Chinese”. So as others have implied above, what Denmark is doing here doesn’t seem entirely illegitimate, and is only tangentially related to the issue of Taiwanese sovereignty.

As far as sovereignty goes, the moment Taiwan decided to go along with the whole COVID scam was, IMO, the moment they officially abdicated power to the CCP, at least in the international sphere. Why insist on your independence if you’re going to be willingly ordered around by shadowy international institutions, and give up any pretense of being a democracy at the slightest excuse? At one point I would have defended Taiwan on this issue. Not anymore.

On a side note, if you are a resident in Singapore, it doesn’t matter whether you are Taiwanese, Malaysian, China-Chinese, in Singpass (their government identification system) your ethnicity is “Chinese” even if you are an American and don’t hold any other passports. My Taiwanese friends there never had a problem with it though. I realize this is not the same as “Citizen of China”.

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That’s interesting. They presumably record nationality in another field though… right?

Yeah but that makes no sense because the PRC does not allow dual citizenship under any circumstance.

Not that I’m aware of. You can hold Singapore PR and be stateless, and be allowed in Singapore indefinitely and to re-enter Singapore. When your foreign passport expires, you don’t have to notify them or update government docs.

Now that I think of it… when opening bank accounts online, I just authenticate with my Singpass and it auto-fills in everything including my ID number. I don’t recall nationality being one of the fields, as long as you have an unexpired national ID number.

You do need a foreign passport to renew a visa there though, so they have it somewhere in government systems.

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They shouldn’t accept it , at least China Taiwan, not Chinese Taipei.

What does ethnically Chinese mean ? How is that defined biologically ?

In men, Han Chinese have a unique Y chromosome


Similar meaning as Malaysians who have Chinese ethnicity

Singapore broke off from Malaysia and many ethnic Chinese people went there.


So be it? War with a nuclear power of more than a billion people, more than 50 times your own? I think most Taiwanese are a little more pragmatic.

I am wondering if the Danish decision (regardless good or bad) will roll the dice for other European countries as well.

On a personal note, I don’t understand why Taiwan is holding on this “Republic of China” thing, which to my understanding holds on the claim the only and real Chinese government is based on the island of Taiwan.
Seriously, why not get rid of this title and just stick with only Taiwan in all aspects - but I guess doing that only provokes China even more.

Taiwan’s response to covid was not dictated by the CPC, UN, WHO, WTO, EU, NATO, NBA, NFL, NHL, WTA, or any other set of initals you have in your head. It was not in response to George Soros, Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, the Satanic Church, or the Lizard People, or other ‘shadowy international organizations’. It was, thankfully, set up by the elected government who listened to scientists and doctors instead of wackos on the intertubes.
You can remember a couple of years ago when different countries responded differently to the outbreak, can’t you? Oh, I recall you think the whole thing was a plot by ‘them’ -Fu Manchu? Martians? - to enslave us all and make us eat bugs.

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Goodness. Quite incredible that they invited you to sit on their meetings, such that you were able to verify this ‘fact’ with such confidence. I didn’t realise you were so high up in the civil service. OTOH, since you’re one of those people who remained proudly ignorant of any of the available facts during the whole of that benighted era, it also wouldn’t surprise me if you were a member of the other ignorami who gathered to massage each others’ egos under the big shiny table. The cast of characters in that sorry saga, and the reach of the agencies involved, is now quite well established, well-documented (with email paper-trails and suchlike) and no longer denied by authorities. So you’re basically just claiming that what everyone knows is true cannot be true.

If that is the case, then I think it rather curious that those scientists and dentists, oops, doctors, came to precisely the same policy conclusions - all of which were not merely erroneous but diametrically opposite to the required ones - as the aforementioned WHO, UN, CBC, etc. How extraordinary that the entire planet managed to get it “wrong” in identical ways without discussing anything with each other.

Um … no, I don’t remember that at all. I remember them all doing exactly the same things, albeit with a few extra riffs and ornaments thrown in here and there, and some minor differences in timing. In particular, absolutely everyone - including Taiwan - was keen to deny that it came from a lab in China (which is almost certainly the truth). But every revolution can only move forward with a large dose of historical revisionism, innit.

In any case, to avoid this descending into an argument over COVID, and you’re clearly not going to accept that Taiwan was anything other than fiercely independent in forging their own COVID path, the issue of democracy remains. At the top of the Constitution is a bunch of verbiage which says that the government may not do precisely what they actually did. Reason being, that sort of thing is only done by governments like the CCP. So if a government is going to behave like the CCP, pissing on their own Constitution in the process, they’re not going to get any flag-waving from me whenever they say 'Taiwan Number One! Bestest democracy in Asia!". If the CCP threatens Taiwan’s government with hellfire, I’ll be like meh, whatever. Not that they’ll care, of course.

Yeah yeah, we know the story, but it was a one-time long-ago compromise that continues to be used decades later due to pressure from China.

Jesus, dude, is there any room you won’t bring your endless droning one-trick-pony tinfoil hat conspiracy nonsense into? Let it go. Move on with your life. The rest of us have.

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I believe they had to satisfy a name that is China but not China. Although we can all agree it’s a terrible name, it’s not like Taiwan was able to pick whatever they wanted. It’s already stupid the IOC made Taiwan compete under a different name.

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It was a passing remark to the effect that The Democratic Republic of Taipei is a sham. The gubmint can’t go around trumpeting about their right to self-determination as a beacon of freedom after pulling a stunt like that. They’ve lost the moral (political?) high ground. If the CCP wants to slowly-slowly relabel Taiwan as “China”, well, fuck’em. They asked for it. They failed to walk the talk in a spectacular manner.

Of course, that doesn’t make any sense in your world where none of it happened and you’ve “moved on”, or in Mike’s world where democracy and freedom are of no value or importance anyway. And ffs, stop using that phrase ‘conspiracy theory’ to describe anything you don’t know about or don’t care about. It’s getting to the point where we’re about to see gravity or thermodynamics labelled a ‘conspiracy theory’.

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Yea, I am aware of that. That is why I specified ‘China’ as the item of note in the ‘whose fault is this’ set in my diagram.