Dentist in Kaohsiung that speaks English? And is good?

I’m looking for an English-speaking dentist in Kaohsiung, ideally somewhere in the South of the city, but would be willing to travel basically anywhere in the city if it’s a big difference in quality.

Recently found a few cavities, so it’s nothing major (I hope), but I still want to be able to speak to them in English.

Two other related questions:

How is the quality of the dental care here overall? I know cavities should be pretty simple, but I’ve literally had fillings fall out in a month from other countries.

What price can I expect to pay per cavity at a good English-speaking dentist?


Go to Singmate. It’s right next to exit 2 of Aozihdi station. You walk out, turn left and you’ll see it. I’m attaching a picture for reference. I dealt with a lot of shitty dentists before I found this guy, but he’s great. His tech, tools and facilities are top of the line, he’s thorough and professional, and yes, he’s very fluent in English. I had a few cavities and the guy did a better job than I had done with previous ones in the states. No pain, and you can’t even see the fillings (the ones I got done in the states have those ugly mercury metal fillings). My wife paid the dental bills, so I don’t recall how much they were, but it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Good luck!

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Looking at the name, are you sure he is fluent in English?



Wow, lots of google reviews too! I’ll give them a try, thank you!

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They’re quoting me 2k for a (per) cavity. Is that normal here?

And their English is horrible over the phone.

in the U.S., it can run you the equivalent of NT$6000 to NT$9000 per cavity.

I called around a few other places with similar quantity of reviews and they’re all saying around the same price. That being equal I’ll probably go to Singmate but given the reception English level want to make sure the dentist and I can communicate.

Do you remember his name?

No, I don’t recall his name, but he’s the head dentist. He’s extremely fluent and proficient. You’ll have no trouble discussing any topic with him… Rotten teeth, the weather, local politics, best place to get a milk tea, etc. :smile:

He’s a really good dentist too.

EDIT: but yes, I’m aware the receptionist’s English level isn’t great. Maybe drop in in person?

Now do figure out how to explain “head dentist” in broken English.

Bit far for rolling the dice with a drop in. Is there something I can say to explain to them?

I was thinking “best leader” but that has other connotations.

Don’t you have a Taiwanese gf/bf or friend or coworker who can help you arrange an appointment? Otherwise you could send an email, I suppose.

Just ask for the dentist who speaks English. Tell them you’re a westerner.

With NHI, it should be a few hundred, IIRC.

They told me there are several male dentists and they all speak good English. Roll of the dice. Thanks!

You should’ve just said, “Drew 大哥 sent me”


I just asked my wife. His name is Chen.