Dentist over Chinese New year?

I’m in agony. Had dental pain for three days now, went to usual dentist (usually very good). After an xray they said it was either a wisdom tooth or a crack in my palate from a procedure several months ago. They insisted on doing a root canal in a tooth that had a filling in that area, even though I argued the pain wasn’t centred there. Now they’ve closed, left me with some painkiller called ‘Valon’ or some such thing, which doesn’t even touch the pain and I just want to curl up into a ball and die.

Except I can’t, because it hurts too much.


Shit bollocks, man- I thought you were just moaning the other day. PM if you need me to find anywhere round here (Is Zhong He all shut?) or need some Chinese-speaking assistance.

I’ve now located some ibuprofen - thanks Buttercup - and that’s giving some relief, but it’s looking like I’ll need a wisdom tooth extraction, so any leads on who might be doing surgeries anytyime before next weekend would be very useful.

why not check some of the major hospitals like Chang Geng on Dunhwa… they all have dental clinics and maybe because they are in a major hospital they’ll be open for emergencies, like yours, over chinese new years.

maybe a hot water bottle would help??
sorry to hear you’re spending your holiday in pain :frowning:

I’ve got you an appointment at tooth hurty.

Sorry. Get better soon. I would try a hospital too, more likely to be open.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check that outtomorrow. Right now feel sleeeeepy.

how’s the toothache?

Thanks for asking. Saturday night we went over to Cathay general to see the 24 hour dentist. Despite the lady on the phone telling us he would see us, we had to phone him in his dorm, he’d obviously just woken up and said he couldn’t perform any surgery ‘because it’s dangerous at night’. My wife told im he must be fucking joking, and he eventually came over to the hospital.

Most of the pain, by that time, seemed to be coming from my wisdom tooth. He took an x-ray, said it looked okay, but he would extract if I insisted. I insisted. He extracted, though clearly not a strong man it took him 45 mintes of wiggling, cracking and pulling to get it out. As his little digital clock pinged midnight my wife put her hand on my arm, and rather than something endearing (which i think she’d been intending) shouted in Chinese ‘oh my God, the blood!’ as his clamp slipped and my mouth filled up with the taste of salt.

Right now the pain is clearly from the open wound at the back of my mouth, but it’s subsiding slightly thanks to Ponstan.

Thank you for that update, Hartley. I enjoyed it immensely!