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I know doesn’t recognize Kaohsiung as part of Taiwan, but I still have to ask…

Does anyone know a decent, English speaking dentist in Kaohsiung that does work on crowns and posts?

If you’ve had work done, could you let me know the price as well?




Does anyone knows any good dentist in Kaohsiung?


Does anyone knows any good dentist in Kaohsiung?[/quote]I had a crown put in recently and I was satisfied. It’s the ABC clinic, second floor, corner of Yucheng Rd. and Fuguo Rd. It’s three doors down from The Lighthouse restaurant.

This one (they have two practices): … ory=286091

I have my regular checkups there. I also once had a complicated root canal treatment there which was good and painless.


my dentist in Taichung told me yesterday I might need a root canal therapy, I always hear it is painful and expensive. You just said it was painless, may I ask how much you paid and was it covered by NHI? The one tooth started to be painful 2 days ago, I never had a problem there and he said I might need the therapy, the other one is sensitive to hot and cold for ages already and has a filling down to the nerve and he said there is nothing he can do… strange…

Yes, my root canal treatment was pretty much painless. It was a little uncomfortable at times and usually it requires several sessions. IIRC, it was covered by NHI only to some extent because they put a new crown (I think that’s what they’re called) on the damaged tooth and you need to pay for them yourself. But I forgot how much it cost in my case, probably a couple of thousand NTD? You should ask your dentist beforehand what the costs will be. You can get different opinions from different dentists about whether your symptom can be treated or not. But my tooth also became sensitive after a while even though the root was removed completely. So I guess there is no guarantee that a root canal treatment will fix your tooth completely forever. At least the constant pain was removed effectively. Good luck.

Thanks GC! Well my temp filling just cracked right now and I have an appointment on Monday, guess I go tomorrow. However the pain itself is gone it’s just sensitive, but that might be because of the temp filling. .anyway I will have it filled and then I’ll see whats happening. I have the other tooth however with a sensitivity issue since almost 10 years. The first doctor did it quite good and the filling was good for two years and from then on I had a new filling every two years. However I’ve been to 3 dentists this year in Taiwan and they don’t seem to be able to give me a proper filling. After a couple days the same feeling returns, maybe it’s finally time for a RCT… just need to save some money first :slight_smile:

I seriously doubt it, unless it was made from a white Lego block and super-glued on. You are looking at NT$16-20 thousand depending on the amount of gold used in the crown preparation. The metal underneath the porcelain shows through to some extent. It doesn’t matter much for molars, but if it’s a front tooth, then more gold = a less grayish and more natural color crown.

So how much does a root channel therapy costs with NHI? i just read its around 8000NT in Germany per tooth with NHI (same thing but not as good), so it can’t be more expensive here can it?

The root canal is itself just a few hundred NT$ because the surgery is paid for by insurance. After that, the dentist can fill the cavity with UV composite or crown the tooth. However, a dead tooth becomes brittle over the years and will probably break one day if it’s an uncrowned molar. If it breaks by splitting along the vertical axis, it will need to be extracted. That’s why dentists always recommend you pay for a crown (NT$16-20K). If the dentist uses a titanium pin to strengthen the root canal internally, then there is an additional cost of about NT$2,000.

I see…well my teeth are still alive, that’s why they are so sensitive…thanks for all the infos though… i might try another dentist with a real filling…just to make sure…

It’s always worth getting a second opinion from another dentist. However, you usually end up having to pay an extra registration fee, extra for new x-rays etc. Did the first dentist take an x-ray of the tooth? If he said you needed a root canal it’s because he can already detect a breach of the tooth pulp chamber or he saw on the x-ray that the remaining tooth structure isn’t going to be thick enough to drill out for a UV composite filling.

he took an xray and said there is no RCT necessary, however he put a new filling on… it didn’t change anything, my tooth is still extremely sensitive to hot and cold. The other tooth started to be quite painful last sunday, so I went there on monday and he said “I put medicine in tooth and if not better in 7 days, you need RCT”. So now I have a temp filling there, which just cracked today…the pain is gone, its just sensitive, but I guess thats because of the poor filling (it’s just to keep the med inside). I’ve got an appointment for monday, I hope he’s gonna take his time then. Usually I went there without and everything is so hectic, cause 5 more people are already waiting outside. I also want to have him to check all my other teeth. .just for prophylaxis. I will ask him to double check the first tooth again and put a proper filling in.

Paying another 200NT (150 registration and 50 for xray) is it worth if I can save 16k :smiley:

[color=#FF0040]It might sounds confusing, but I have two teeth needing attention, the first one is a problem since years (he said no rct despide all the signs for it) and the other one just happened to be painful on sunday and he said it might be an rct case)[/color]

Apologies in advance to moderators, but the following post was appended to another relevant thread per request, and has been languishing for some time without any responses. I’m concerned about my dental health, and I really don’t have anywhere else to turn short of regular trips home to see an American dentist.
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I’m looking for a dentist in Kaohsiung who I can visit for regular dental checkups. My dentist in Siaogang is very skilled in dental surgery and implants, and I would not hesitate to recommend him for that.
However, I’m looking for regular six-month checkups with a focus on periodontal health and preventative dental hygeine. I’d like to get full teeth scaling and polishing as well.
Thanks in advance,

Theres a Dr Wu at a dental clinic called “Song of Songs”. Yea I know, silly name.

I go there every 6 months for preventive care. I am 37 with not one cavity, so I tend to choose carefully to maintain this. Her English is great.

Will try to find the number so PM me.

I was recently quoted 35,000 NTD for 3 dental crowns somewhere in Nanzih District Kaoshiung, but I want suggestions if there are any other good dentist who will get the job done nicely within Kaoshiung area? I mean, does the 35kNT sounds reasonable? Thanks.

I once asked a dentist how much a tooth imlant costs and he said it costs 85,000 nt for one.

So… I think getting dentistry work done in Taiwan is on the expensive side. Maybe compare what other countries charge and different local places in Taiwan. Wouldn’t hurt to take a bus/train to a different city to save a few thousand if you can.

From what I hear it should be around 5000NT for one crown. Best to check with the locals.

If you live in Kaohsiung, You can find this dental clinic. The environment is clean and comfortable. The doctor will use English to explain your situation.

Dentaurum Taiwan


Is he or she from KMU? Because the department of dentistry there is one of the most prestigious