Dentists in Taiwan: FAQ and Resources

Any recommendations not including the big hospitals? I’m fed up with the money-grabbing fast-food mentality of these places, and need a dentist i can talk to.

Here is one that I haven’t used myself, but my wife is going to now. She highly recommends them. This one of the few very qualified dentists that take Jian Bao (Government Health Insurance).

The one my wife sees is surnamed Huang. If you make your 60 minute appointment, it will be for 60 minutes with the doctor. Do not be late.

AnAn Clinic
Hang Zhou South Rd. Sect. 1, 14-1 (Nearby Jen Ai Rd.)
2356-3427 Reservations (No English for reservations, but the Ms. Huang speaks English.)
Doctor/Dentist Huang

My aunt flys back from L.A for seeing this dentist. The doctor got his degree in US, shouldn’t have problem to communicate with you.Give a try?! Good luck!

San-he Clinic.
The dentist is called “Liu, Yuan Hao”.
Address: 16 Si-ping St., Taipei city.
Phone # (02) 25815658

There is a really good dentist on ChungShan N Rd (on the corner of Sect 6&7) His name is Dr Wei and he trained in Australia. He has really good bedside manner, explaining each step as he goes along. I’m a nervous patient and appreciated that he went the “extra steps” to make me feel comfortable.
Even better, his clinic is not on ground level so you don’t have every passer-by staring in thru the windows at yr molars.
Dr Wei, 2F, 2-1 Lane 14 Chung Shan N Rd Sect 7 ph 2875-4012

Aussie, how much for a check-up?

Actually, I saw Dr. Wei late last year, and thought he was the best dentist I’d been to in Taiwan. You know, polite, friendly, and he understood my Ocker accent.

The check-up and clean cost about $300 (after using my health card). The only drawbacks were the location (Tienmu) and his business hours, especially for Saturday when he closes at noon (I think he’s adopted a little too much Aussie culture).

Good luck,


HI folks, this is my first post here, my dad is a dentist in Taiwan, he runs a clinic in Chi-tu (七堵), you can get there by taking northbound train from Taipei (don’t take express like 自強 or 莒光, get off at front station, the clinic is on the main street which is in front of the elementary school.

As in smaller town, the prices will be lower, here’s the address and phone number in English and Chinese

Yang Clinic
145 Ming-te 1st Rd
Dist Chi-tu, Keelung


tel: 24567638 (don’t know how to dial long distance outside)

My dad also speaks a little bit of English too.

New York Dental Clinic, 2F, No. 28 Roosevelt Rd Sec. 1.

Tel: 2395-1658.

English spoken, clean, gentle, knows what he’s doing.

I recommend him and I have a total phobia about dentists.

yeah, i was gonna recommend that one, but couldn’t find the namecard. must have given it to sandman…

there’s a husband and wife team, educated in US, and they both have excellent english. i like him better, because his ‘bedside manner’ is excellent. and he won’t even force you to put that thing over your face if you don’t want to. he’s also not big on inflicting pain, but shies away from too much anesthetics. good doc, very careful!

trust me, if sandman recommends a dentist, he MUST be a good one! he’s a total dental wimp, and is on the verge of needing falsies.

I think if you go to one of the good big hospitals you get better service. It’s not guaranteed, but I’ve always got good doctors at MacKay Hospital (compared to some bad doctors elsewhere). They’re on the corner of Chungsghan N Rd and Minsheng W RD. They’re pretty quick and basic, but in my experience if you tell them you want this medicine or this test or further checks or whatever they’ll give them to you.


I took the advise to visit NY-mistake. I found the (female) dentist I saw was completely incompetent. Once my face was totally covered with some damn mask, she proceeded to look at my teeth and say there was nothing wrong. I take it since I didn’t have any aches I was fine. There were no instruments involved in this examination- I guess you can detect cavities and such with the naked eye now. My cleaning consisted of a quick polish-I guess they don’t scrape away the nasty shit called plauge anymore. Anyway, the only reason I didn’t throw a fit was because I was charged a whopping 200NT for nothing. By the way, exactly one week later a piece of a tooth broke off-which was hanging on a string when I went for my visit.

Ayaba, I wonder what happened? Last time I was there I saw the woman dentist for three or four appointments (extraction, deep filling, periodontal work) and found her to be very good indeed – gentle, friendly, sympathetic to my pathetic and embarrassing moans, groans and shrieks.

Maybe she was drunk when you saw her (or maybe she has a taste for her own pharmaceuticals).

Pretty weird that she took the trouble of dirtying a mask (which you just have to ask her not to put on if you don’t like it, btw) without even using a probe.

Sorry you had such a bad experience.

Don’t get me wrong everyone was nice and friendly and very professional-and yes I do take damn good care of my teach but not that good. I think it was because I had no apparent problems and wasn’t moaning and groaning so maybe she assumed everything was fine. I really don’t know what was up.

I got my tooth problem sorted - well temporary …

Now it’s back in full flair and really need to sort this out for good !! Can I choose the male doctor at NY Clinic ? Or is that not an option ?
Would I make a mistake going there in the first place ?

Alien - Sandman - You’ve both been there ? After ayaba’s post url=[/url] I am not so sure … Can you please give me some more info/details on what you had done and how it went … PLEASE !


I had a root canal and wisdom teeth removed there and the dentist (the husband) was excellent.

Yeah, that was a strange post by Ayaba.

You can read my response to him, but I’ve been back to the same dentist since my last post and again, could find no fault with the service or the skills, from either the woman or the man.

I guess I should start adding “your mileage may vary” to my posts.

Mark - how much did they charge you for the root canal surgery ? Did you have medical coverage ? And if so - how much was the total and how much did the National Health pay towards the surgery ?

Thanx !

(I see I cant email or send you messages therefore the post on here)

It was all done on the Health Card as i remember. I think i paid a nominal fee of NT$200. Both of the dentists are fluent English speakers and will be very helpful with any questions you have. I recently had a visitor from the UK (a uni prof) and he had an emergency dental case and i sent him there; he came back lauding the man’s skills and ‘bedside manner’.

They’ve never charged me more than the nominal NT$200 fee (extraction, deep fillings, root canal, superficial peridontic work).

However, she now wants to slit open my gums and clean my teeth right down to the bone, and she wants NT$20,000 for doing so.

I still have bruises on my arse from where the surgery door hit it!

Husband good.
Wife so-so.
New younger guy (intern maybe?) avoid him like the plague!! I hear he has very poor people skills albeit technical precision.

I say don’t let anyone there but the husband touch you. He’s amazingly gentle and kind and tells you everything he’s going to do before he does it.