Dentists in Taiwan: FAQ and Resources


Go to a big hospital. preferably someone with a university attached. They are good and fairly cheap.


Hey guys, do I have to book an appointment for a cleaning at the taiwan adventist hospital? How late are they open? Thanks in advance!


Any particular dentist at Adventist Hospital? Can someone provide the dentist(s)’ name(s)? Thank you!


I went to a dentist that my friend suggested. Had great experience so I thought I would share it
I went to Yang-An Dental clinic for a regular check up with X-rays and had some cavities filled. Dr. Lee explained the finding in detail and answered all my questions. Dr. Lee graduated from UCLA dental school and still maintain his license in the states, so there was no language barrier during the visit.

Asked for Dr. Jeff Lee. (There is another Dr. Lee in the office)
My friend made the appointment for me so I don’t know how well the front desk can speak English, maybe you can just ask to speak to Dr. Lee if he’s in the office.

Yang-An Dental
1F., No.3, Ln. 152, Sec. 2, Minquan E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City



I just came back from a cleaning at Jinpin dental at No. 142-1, Section 2, Jinshan South Road, the dentists office recommended by Xeno.

From their website: : … staff.html
it looks like they have a few doctors on staff and I think I got the wrong one.

The doctor I got was a female in her 30s with glasses, I think different from the one that Xeno has experience with.

I dont know if i was spoiled by my stellar dentist in Ameirca but aside from the cute nurses, i had pretty bad experience at this office with this doctor. They were extremely efficient, brutally so. I was in and out in less than 20 minutes for x-rays and cleaning with the cleaning itself done in perhaps 5 minutes total.

The x-rays were for both a regular checkup and for checking out a possible extra tooth coming in. They didn’t have a rotating x-ray machine, but instead just a simple x-ray gun that shoots onto smaller bite-plates. After taking 5 plates of the area from different angles they still weren’t able to explain what the hard bump in my gums was and instead told me I needed to get a rotating x-ray - which they don’t have. great.

The cleaning was extremely quick and quite unpleasant as they dont have an ultrasonic cleaner but instead use the older scalpel with a separate water jet. The dentist to be trying to get the whole thing over with and went quickly over my teeth by feel instead of taking the time to examine things. There was no gentleness or care to the procedure, it was brutal efficiency while the dentist repeated her mantra “just bear through this” (“忍耐一下”).

Full disclosure: While i brush twice daily and floss just as much, my last cleaning was 5 years ago so I expected some pain - but the treatment still seemed more brusque and brutal than necessary. I’m not even sure she did a thorough job as I’m sitting here right now and i can scrape off small bits of plaque that are still remaining on some of my teeth - whereas after my dental visits in america they were left completely spotless.

Im sure the experience is doctor dependent – It sounds like i got a completely different doctor than the one recommended by Xeno. At the same time, doctors aside, the equipment did seem like it could have been of a better standard.

I will definitely go to a different place in the future, and will check that they have ultrasonic cleaners.


Hey, does anyone know how much a dentist visit without NHI? Is it in the 800-1000 NT range? I think I need a wisdom tooth removed, I read somewhere that this is a standard procedure so shouldn’t cost more than the visit. Would this also be true without a NHI card?


Yang-An Dental
1F., No.3, Ln. 152, Sec. 2, Minquan E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City


I also went to this dentist, and he was excellent, and was very patient with my questions. When I called the make an appointment, the person who picked up didn’t understand English, but transferred me to someone who did. I was able to make an appointment for the next business day. Cost was NTD $1,200 for the cleaning and an additional NTD $1,000 for the panoramic X-rays and initial consultation. I also got a filling for NTD $1,000. The office wasn’t the newest/shiniest and could probably use a paint job, but the tools were all there.



Can anyone recommend a decent English-speaking dentist in the area around Yongan Market and Dingzi MRTs?


Why do Taiwanese always claim that Taiwanese dentists are very good? They mostly all suck. I have been to two dentists to get a filling. First one at Taipei Adventist hospital messed it up and it started hurting after a week. Second one I went to at a different hospital did a little bit better job, but my tooth started hurting again after three months. So I think I have to go back a third time. I think my problem is that i have very tight teeth and they do not know how to deal with it or they rush the job in the Taiwanese cha bu duo fashion.


I second that! I’ve never met any good dentist in the island. My past experiences with root canal were hellish because most dentists dont inject enough anesthesia and keep saying the damned words 忍耐一下 . For serious treatments go back to your country.


I have an anti-recommendation: Pin Ya Yi Clinic at 175 Cheng Gong Road in NeiHu (品牙醫診所 台北市內湖區成功路四段 175號). I went twice. (Once too many.) I do not remember exactly which service I got on which visit, so the chronology may be a bit off, but here’s what happened.

On one visit, the dentist cleaned three or four teeth before he got around to mentioning that he was going to do a cleaning and was that okay? Okay, I said. One of my front teeth has a weak-looking cap, and I noticed that during cleaning he roughed it up several times. Guess he wanted to make sure that the cap would hold. It did.

When I showed up for my second visit, my appointment was nowhere to be found in their system. I should have taken the hint and left, but I didn’t. I sat waiting for 45 minutes instead.

On the second visit he gave me a deep filling with no anesthetic. Rather painful since he was grinding right next to the nerve.

Another service I needed was to get a cap reglued. I produced the cap; the dentist said that he could reglue it, but there was no guarantee about how long it might hold. Faced with this lack of confidence, I started to tell him about the different kinds of dental cement, and that glass cement works fine and lasts a long time. I could tell pretty quickly that for some reason he didn’t want to hear about it, so I went quiet. Maybe glass cement doesn’t fit in with his business model. Anyway, he used his crappo glue and it held exactly 11 days, pretty much as he had predicted. I then went to a good dentist (Dentist Huang in YongHo, 黃牙醫, 永和市保福路二段101號 tel: 2922 7408), who uses good cement, and it has held for months, and counting. Dentist Huang, incidentally, is older, speaks Mandarin or Taiwanese, loves to explain what he’s doing, and draws very nice diagrams to go with it. The guy’s an artist. His prices tend to be lower, too. One slight shortcoming is that a nearby tooth may get whacked occasionally by some tool or other. No one’s perfect.

Back to NeiHu, another thing I did not like about Pin Ya Yi was the one time he used English. While looking into my mouth he said, “God!” I would not hold this impropriety against him if everything else was going smoothly. With the right person, it might even be funny. But it wasn’t.

Anyway, there is one very excellent thing about Pin Ya Yi Clinic.
I never have to go back.


does anyone know if there is a dentist who can to a proper root canal treatment revision? The ability to do a standart root canal treatment does usually not qualify to do a revision. ANd any idea about the cost without NHI?


Hello, I understood that teeth cavity can be covered by NHI…
but, can the teeth whitening also be covered by NHI? what about teeth retainer ( … tainer.jpg)? Thank you



Doea anyone know of a good dental veneer in Taiwan?

I had a look at Taiwan Adventist and Taipei Medical Univ. Hospital.

Any other hospitals or clinics that is good with veneers?

Thanks alot!


I went to this clinic, based on the suggestions in this group. I have to say that I was 100% satisfied. Had 2 fillings and a wisdom tooth removed. No pain whatsoever. Great service, the Dr. spoke perfect English and he was very helpful and nice. :thumbsup:

Yang-An Dental
1F., No.3, Ln. 152, Sec. 2, Minquan E. Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City



Hey guys! i’m looking for a dental clinic within Tainan, Taiwan(with NHI coverage). Got any suggestions?
Hoping to find a good dentist that’ll make me feel comfortable while dealing with my teeth issues. Coz honestly, i’m ashamed about it since i’ve been having bad teeth since i was kid.

~Hoping to get some response from you guys. Thanks. :blush:


Hi! I read your posting about your implant. I’m looking for a very good dentist that can do implants. How much did he charge and what was the process? Also, does it hurt like crazy? I’ve already had the bone graft. Just trying to find a good dentist now.