Hi kids,

   Well, I've run out of my North American stock. I've checked at Cosmed, Welcome, and Watson's and all I've found is Gillette's clear gel, and I hate that kind of deodarant (it's so sticky and gross, I don't know if I'm sweating or if it's my deodarant!?).  Do people here not wear deodarant? 


If you have a costco card, Last time I was there (3wks) they had packs of good solid deodorant.

Best of Luck

Ahh…the re-occuring “Deodorant” question.

One solution:
Ask around for a “Government” store. They are markets that, I guess are run by some branch of the gov’t. Prices are lower here also.
There may be several to chose from.
Inside you will fins a basic smallish supermarket and several ‘contractor vendor’ areas.
Maybe tea, lingerie, and hopefully cosmetics and personal item stuff.

In this section - cosmets - you may be lucky enough to find…Mennen SPEED STICK deodorant.
I reccomend the “FRESH” flavor, but the regular is OK also.

I rasnout of my supply of OLD SPICE deodorant about 3 months ago and have been joesing ever since. This is a pretty good replacement.
So find the store. At least you now know that Mennen Speed Stick is marketed here on the island.
Good luck.

p.s. - these ‘Gov’t’ stores are great places - lowest prices and some are open 24/7.

You obviously don’t catch buses or crowded MRTs.

Watsons usually has some. Check bigger stores.


The best first step in finding anything is usually to use the “search” function on Forumosa, which turns up

this existing thread:

Try Watson’s, Wellcome groceries, or Wellman’s import grocery up in Tianmu. Good luck!

Only for females now, as it appears. They used to have some for men a few years back, but lately I can’t seem to find it here anymore.
Same goes for Wellcome BTW.

Stocked up on deodorant during my last trip to Malaysia, though my favorite wasn’t available anymore, too.

… last trip to the Breeze Centre ( 6th floor - I think ?! ) few weeks back - they have a fairly wide range of deo’s… Axe ( roll-on and aerosol ) and some others.

The Watsons near my place in Banciao has recently started carrying men’s deoderant. But hey only have Gillette though. But I don’t think they are clear gels.

I’ve gone native and started using some local stuff. It lasts a long while and covers up the stink pretty well. Trouble is, I’m getting tired of smelling sweet like some sort of marinated pork product. Think Speed Stick, but this is more like (sesame) Seed Stick.

Not that hard to find on eBay and have shipped to you, e.g.,
here (or just go to eBay, and SEARCH for, say, Old Spice Deodorant)