Well, it seems I don’t have good luck when it comes to Taiwan.

I first came here to work in 2009, and in that school year I admit
that I made one screw up that caused me not to do well. But the
second year I worked in Taiwan, I did a much better job. But
by May of 2011, that school where I taught told me that they
would not renew my contract because they want to expose the
students to a teacher from a different culture. So I left Taiwan
then and worked elsewhere.

After I lost my job of 2 years in Canada last year, I decided to
come back to Taiwan. Did I intend to come here? No. But I
came back, and I notice that my job here is different because
I am in the bilingual program, and it’s more of a challenge than
teaching just EFL as I did 10 years ago here in Taiwan.

And guess what? My current school here in Taiwan had just decided
that they will not extend my contract. So if I want to get a new job here
in Taiwan, I will have to apply to a different school with a different
program. But the fact of the matter is, due to the restrictions caused
by COVID-19, I will assure you that if anyhow I leave Taiwan for good,
I will never come back, forever. I don’t want to leave, but it’s very
likely that if I am departing my job, then I will also be departing Taiwan.
What’s in store for me in Canada? I don’t know.

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Expose the students to a teacher from another culture?

I’ve not heard that one before.


This is illegal. You can sue for unlawful dismissal. Although your statute of limitations has since expired. Please note that they cannot simply arbitrarily refuse to renew the contract if you are competent.

Your next one, however, you should take to the labour board. You can get continuation of employment or severance. Arbitration is free.

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I think your first challenge will be getting a flight, and then planning for the quarantine in Vancouver. I’ve briefly looked into this and it looks like a pain in the ass, with little organization or apparently help from the government authorities in Canada (in stark contrast to Taiwan, which set up dedicated transport, dedicated quarantine facilities, etc). Not sure if you have connections in Vancouver, but if you do that will certainly help.

Good luck.


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I would suggest trying to get a better sense of why you were let go by these schools. Self reflection can be hard but worthwhile. Perhaps try and get together with some of your piers and ask them to give you feedback. Now is probably not the best time to return to Canada and here in Taiwan tons of schools are looking for teachers.

That said, this is Taiwan where many schools are run like businesses and decisions are made by idiots.


A teacher I worked with didn’t get her contract renewed. When she asked why they told her “Your students used to be good and now they’re bad.” Harsh, but at least they were honest.


Yeah, “You’re just not good at this” is never something you want to hear. Need maybe.


I’m puzzled what the point of all this is. Are you looking for pity? What is it you want us to say? Usually when someone has shuffled through so many jobs against their will, there’s a reason related to their performance… but you don’t exhibit much reflection here. Anyway, good luck back in Canada, I guess? :man_shrugging:


Unless it’s coming from your vampire team leader

Why don’t you look for another job in Taiwan? The teacher pipeline has been turned off due to Covid, but demand is there.

Canada is a bit of a shit show right now. Record high unemployment. The whole quarantine thing is a mess for inbound travelers.

When you get your next job in Taiwan pay a bit more attention to the country’s labor laws. Dismissing someone is quite tough in the country. They can’t just ‘not renew your contract’.

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I am from the Toronto area. I have no family or friends in Vancouver at all.

Like I said, Uzbek.

There are lots of interviews happening at the moment. I’m not sure how much hiring is happening.

My school has decided to replace all teachers. Each day they interview 3-5 teachers. It’s so unfair for the people they are interviewing. There is only 5 teachers in the school. This has been going on for 5 weeks. That’s over that’s close to 100 teachers they have interviewed for 5 positions.

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Are there still that many teachers looking for jobs? I was under the impression that there weren’t that many at the moment.

Why did the school decide to replace all teachers? That’s a bit weird.

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I have no idea, but I’m under the impression (completely my own speculation) that if you’re a teacher between jobs and already in Taiwan it’ll be easier to get hired during this period when there’s no fresh meat coming in from the US, Europe, Australia, etc. glutting the market.


The school is in a desirable neighbourhood and pays above average. I can’t comment on why they decided to replace all teachers. But the management of the school Studied an MBA at Enron I feel. They try and make everyone fight. I’m not sure what is to gain by having staff fight for everything. Like for example right now I can’t use the printer or Library. Other teachers can’t use the projector or tv, or take their classs to the park.

The treatment of staff at this school is horrible. But talking to friends it normal. The Taiwanese staff are treated even worse. Their have been 9 new staff their since I started in February. There is only 4 teaching assistant positions.

Say what?

Sounds like your typical Taiwanese shit show “I know how to run a business because I have all the money”. Perhaps you should list the name of it just to warn people away from it. The OP should definitely avoid this crap hole.

Let it also be a warning to every person looking for a job, if you see this kind of behavior in any company, there’s probably a serious management problem and you should avoid it like the plague.


My ethnicity is Jamaican.