Department of Homeland Security--the TV SERIES!

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[quote]Bush Backs New Terrorism TV Series

by Jeffrey Jolson-Colburn
Feb 26, 2004, 4:40 PM PT

In what would be a highly unusual action for a president, George W. Bush is apparently giving the White House seal of approval to a television series, D.H.S.–The Series, a drama about the Department of Home Security being introduced Thursday night to prospective networks at an Industry gathering.

President Bush and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge both “endorse and contribute sound bites to the introductions of the series,” according to the show’s producers.

Though the series’ theme relates to the President’s agenda on national security and international terrorism, it is virtually unprecedented for the White House to endorse such a fictional representation. It is unclear what input or relation if any the President or the real DHS would have with the show in the future.

HBO’s recent series K-Street featured star turns from real-life politicos and the oldF.B.I. show with Efrem Zimbalist Jr. was said to have direct involvement from then FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, but sitting presidents generally distance themselves from dramatic interpretations like West Wing.

DHS, a multimillion-dollar episodic series, will explore the inner workings of the Department of Homeland Security, teaming the FBI, CIA, Secret Service, and National Security Administration (NSA) together with “first responders” such as local police, fire and safety administrators.

Producers at Steeple Productions claim “no other television series has ever had such access and clearance at the highest levels of real-life counter-terrorism agencies: The White House, Dept. of Homeland Security, FBI, EPA, California State Counter-Terrorism Units, LAPD, LAFD and the Los Angeles and Orange County Sheriff’s Departments. These government agencies have rallied their resources and support behind the vision of DHS–The Series, including President G. W. Bush and Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, who both endorse and contribute sound bites to the introductions of the series.”

When asked to elaborate on Bush and Ridge’s involvement, show representatives told E! Online, “They love it. They think it is fantastic,” and drew comparisons to the government’s role on The F.B.I. No spokesperson for the White House who could comment on the show was available at press time; a spokesman for the Department of Homeland Security said he was aware of TV shows related to the department, but said nothing about this particular show.

The show is billed as a realistic action series following the exploits of Special DHS Agents Andrea Bacall and Jack Callahan, portrayed by actors Alison Heruth Waterbury and Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh. The characters venture from the halls of Washington, D.C., to war-torn locales as they fight fanatical terrorism. Producers claim “the series will educate, inform, and inspire the average citizens around the world about America’s front-line defense/offense against those who have declared war on the U.S. and our democratic allies.”

The APEX-Distribution/Steeple Productions reception for the show, to be held Thursday during the American Film Market in Santa Monica, teamed real-life government officials and the actors who portray them. Attendance was slated to include stars of the series Heruth-Waterbury and Cavenaugh, as well as Sean Astin, Kate Bosworth, Burt Reynolds, Eric Roberts, Kristy Swanson, Stephen Baldwin and Gary Busey. Homeland Security figures on the guest list included Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca and Orange County Sheriff Juan Corona plus counter-terrorism heads from LAPD, FBI, NSA, EPA and LAFD.[/quote]

Do you think Arnie will make guest appearances? Geez, if this isn’t pure propaganda, I don’t know what is. Hitler would have loved it.

No link, Alien? Are you sure – really sure this time, not just “heard it from two different members of my Green Party collective” – that this isn’t just another left-leaning “art project / news release” by your friends at 16Beaver (like your “” ranting last week)?

Hitler’s ashes are laughing in their urn at you and your Stalinist buddies and their frantic, delusional propaganda.,1,13584,00.html
There’s your link, Hermann.
E-ONLINE. Can’t find a better “entertainment” news source! :stuck_out_tongue:

They could also call it “All Muslims are terrorists” … :smiling_imp: :wink:

Just for Tigerman: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


[quote=“Rascal”]They could also call it “All Muslims are terrorists” … :smiling_imp: :wink:

Just for Tigerman: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Why? Have I ever even implied that all Moslems are terrorists? Has the Bush administration ever stated or implied that all Moslems are terrorists?

Tigerman is calling Rascal to play:

Let’s see what Rascal actually said:

Now - who could “they” be, assuming you have acutally read the article?

a) The producers
b) The Bush administration
c) Tigerman

Unless Bush and buddy are seeking a new career if ‘they’ loose the election option b) seems highly unlikely and Tigerman is singular, so it hardly can be c). And the :smiling_imp: :wink: of course don’t have any meaning either. :rolleyes:

That couldn’t be an indication that Rascal was actually making a joke, couldn’t it?
Well, perhaps it’s (bad) German humor but Tigerman obviously still hasn’t understood the meaning of the :wink: thingy.

Of course Rascal runs at a risk that Tigerman was making a joke himself (tip: use Emoticons so that stupid people like me can identify it as such) or is trying to teach him a lesson (once again), or perhaps meant something entirely different which has nothing to do with what he wrote - either of which he will state after another 10 pages of back and forth … :wink: argh, there is it again … so let’s see how Tigerman is going to talk his way out of this.

Ups, recess is over so Rascal is going back to work. Cya … :slight_smile:


The joke is only funny if at one time or continuosly I have stated a belief that all Moslems are terrorists.

Since I have never stated nor held such belief, the joke isn’t funny… even if you add a :wink: .

But, at least you looked silly trying to make a funny… :laughing:

What makes you actually think that it’s all about you? The first comment was not about you or your (former) statements.

The 2nd line however was just a jibe at you, here you have it, for your repeated failure to understand the :wink: emoticon which concluded the first statement.

Not sure who is more silly - me making a bad joke or you assuming it’s all about you … :raspberry: