Dependent ARC Questions

Hello, I have been in Taiwan for about a month and a half. I am here with my wife who is teaching. I am currently unemployed and my ARC is issued as a dependent. I have two questions regarding my ARC.

First my wife’s school wants me to work a whopping four hours a week with some of the ESL students. Do I need a work permit for this? If so can I even get a work permit for only four hours a week? I am unemployed so working just four hours a week is kind of fun but I don’t want to do it illegally.

Second I am signed up to take a Chinese class at a university. Is that acceptable under my ARC?

Your thoughts would be appreciated. Everything I have read seems to say that teaching requires a work permit but the office staff tells me its fine since I already have ARC and its elementary so there are no taxes.

signing up for classes will be fine, working you will need to apply for a work permit.