Dependent working visa?

I will be working in Taiwan very soon, with relevant working visa. My wife, from Vietnam, should join me in a few months. Anyone knows whether she is automatically allowed to come and work if she find a job afterwards ? I checked a few government websites, but I can’t find any answer. Thanks for anyone’s help.

You have to have employment to apply for a work permit.

When she comes over she should come over on a normal visitors visa - try to get 60 days (and extendable just in case)

She can apply for work when she’s here on a visitor visa, some companies will processes the work premit and visa applications for her, some wont - depends what type of work she is looking for. There is nothing stopping her from applying to companies before she comes over.

Just in case she doesn’t find work immediately - she should apply for a resident visa - purpose joining family.

The application process doesn’t take that long - assuming your paperwork is in order.

She will need to attach copies of the following along with her application: your visas & ARC; a legalised copy of your marriage certificate (note - this must be done in the country of your marraige so it is well worth getting the copy before she comes over) and a health certificate (it’s probably easiest for her to get this when she arrives in Taiwan, it’s pretty rountine - and takes about 7 days after the tests are done for the certificate to be ready.)

She should get her passport back about 10/14 days after she submitted the application. And from there she can look for work at her leisure. The company that employs her will process the work permit requirements.

Hope this makes sense and helps…

p.s. if it helps i can give you a copy of the application form.

Thanks a lot, your answer is very clear.