Depression and suicide among Asian-Americans

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Don’t wait until their senior years to find freedom. Find it now and stand your ground. They’ll learn to deal with it.


I’m well aware of what the SCMP is.

I’m not saying these statistics have anything to do with Covid-19 (that wouldn’t show up in the numbers yet anyway). I’m just saying the outlook doesn’t improve when you have people in some countries going around saying in very public ways that Asians are dangerous because they’re dirty and diseased. Search through the news (not just from Asia), and you’ll see. Some of them (like the “Cossack” patrols in Russia) take pains to point out that they want people to be afraid of all “Asians”, not just Chinese. I do wonder where they draw the line, though… :thinking:

Okay, just making sure to talk about SCMP. I think it’s good to have reminders of who or what backs the media source I’m reading. Additionally, when an article is more scientific, I like to pick it apart for biases and dig down into its claims. (The danger here is not to mistake blind skepticism / disbelief as reason.)

For Americans aged 20-24 there are many pressures, including job and economic issues (e.g. many will never be able to afford a house, many will have student loans into middle age), as well as external factors like politics or climate change (article: a growing number of young people cite climate concerns as reason for not having kids). Add to this cultural factors and pressures of being AAPI (though as mentioned in the thread, throwing pacific islanders in with East and South Asians is a bit disingenuous), and again add American racial issues, and it’s no wonder suicide rates are so high. I don’t doubt that the rise of racist ideologies is making it worse. I’m saying that it’s likely overall much more complex than that, and I’m questioning the idea that a rise in suicide rates for these groups can be wholly or mostly attributed to a rise in racist ideologies. I’m not disbelieving that by any means, I’m asking for some proof or a study that can show that more clearly.

Yeah, I’ve seen some of the videos and read accounts of people being yelled at/attacked. It really sucks that there are such stupid and angry people in the world.

Some of them (like the “Cossack” patrols in Russia) take pains to point out that they want people to be afraid of all “Asians”, not just Chinese.

Including Caucasians? :rofl: They should at least include Russia, it makes up, like, most of Asia!

…on a separate note, could we maybe split some of these posts? dental care in costa rica and flame wars about why women suck don’t seem super related to suicide rates in Asian-Americans.


There is need for mental health for all ages, I see a lot more Asian-Americans in the news and not in good way and many are elders like this, bad start to the year in the USA. One good thing in Taiwan I see more mental health clinics and good business meaning many more Taiwanese are less shameful to get help

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People will sometimes come to Alishan to self terminate. A few years back a couple bought a new red coloured car and gassed themselves from the exhaust with a hose.

Yesterday someone jumped from the roadway off a cliff

That’s a thin barrier. Anyone can fall off easily.

No it’s not a thin barrier and it is at a height level you cannot just fall over it.

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Body recovery teams out today.

Are you stating that Asian Americans (the topic of this thread) travel to Alishan to commit suicide?



It has happened. Are Taiwanese Americans not Asian Americans?

So you are saying that Taiwanese Americans travel to Alishan to commit suicide?

Or are just saying “people” (that is, Taiwanese in particular) will choose Alishan as place to kill themselves?


So the guy who jumped the body not yet recovered. The place he leapt to his demise from is a really steep wall and it’s quite possible that hid body could be trapped in a tree or in a crevice.