Deranged Man plows into Wisconsin Christmas parade

Uh oh,

Looks like it was this guy’s car that plowed through the parade (it appears in his video), and he was likely the driver.

The grim rapper

He has a long rap sheet, including crimes against rap. To be fair, Milwaukee isn’t exactly known as a rap mecca.

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I had sent a PM to @jdsmith to see if he minded me using his post to start a thread, unfortunately he seems not to be browsing Forumosa right now.

With a few more posts added I decided to make the thread anyway, there’s nothing at this point to connect it to Kyle Rittenhouse, so until there is it is not best suited discussion in that thread.

It’s possible that may happen, but more likely the narrative engineers will spring into action.

According to the local police, this is an isolated incident, with no connections to terror or the Rittenhouse trial. I guess we’ll get more details soon.

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At least 5 dead and 40 injured as of now.

I’m practically in tears from watching the video of this monster plowing down kids the same age as my daughter. Don’t watch the video.

I don’t know what the fuck happened to my country, but it’s tragic. It’s falling apart before our eyes.

Real Justice would be the parents of the little ones injured and killed by this monster get to mete out his punishment. Fuck this sick world, man. Don’t even know what to say anymore.


An INCEL rapper

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There tends to be speculation flying in the aftermath of horrific incidents such as these, patience is best and only post what has been properly sourced and established as being true. I have seen many unproven allegations flying around already.


Another model citizen. NOT!

Registered level 2 sex offender. Awesome!


I don’t know, America seems to be headed towards chaos… mass shootings, car carnage, etc.

We could ban all cars and guns and force people to take public transportation… or something. Or at least not allow people with criminal histories to drive cars?

But seems the in thing to do now is to take out their frustration by hurting others either with weapons or vehicles.

Interesting that this was even able to happen. I worked at a number of small-scale festivals and celebrations around SE WI in high school and college. Even a few in the summers since I moved to TW. Since Charleston, there was always careful planning and concrete barriers to make sure that no cars could come plowing down the roads without being noticed. It’s unfortunate that certain members of society can’t respect the human need to gather and celebrate.

Taking out people with guns and vehicles have been going on in the USA for as long as I can remember…(the 70s). No doubt, longer than that. These forms of violence are nothing new.

Form my reading of this I don’t think it was intentional, but I haven’t seen the video.

“The suspect appeared to have been fleeing another scene when he ran into people at the parade, the law enforcement official - who is familiar with the early findings of the investigation - told the BBC’s US partner CBS News.”

Edit: I do think it’s tragic and avoidable, and I’m not making excuses for him.

Yeah, he rammed through the barriers. The first videos posted show him doing that. It isn’t that he wasn’t “noticed”, it was that he intentionally targeted the parade.

I too generate my informed opinions by reading mainstream media articles from sources that deliberately bias and sanitize what is reported to hide any inconveniently non-woke information, fellow NPC.

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Shit I just realised I ventured into the politics thread, sorry I was treating this as a tragic incident I don’t really give a toss about the politics .


I don’t care if he’s leftwing, rightwing, anarchistic, just a drunk idiot or what… I hope he burns in hell. It is kinda gross that both sides play politics during a time like this. Who cares what he believes or doesn’t believe… he’s a child-killing monster and unfortunately there’s no shortage of monsters on either side of the political spectrum. I remember twenty and thirty years ago when a tragedy occurred, people’s first instinct wasn’t to sniff out what political system the murderous perpetrator adhered to, but thank god we live in this shitty time when everything is shitty and hateful and tinged with spite, even our condolences.


If nothing else, I’ve learned how to pronounce Waukesha. I’d assumed the stress was on the second syllable.

I sleep at night. Not a bot.

Here’s his full rap sheet:

I started a thread a while back about the lack of psychiatric hospital/prisons. Think it’s about time to revisit that strategy. The government needs to choose, nutters on the streets or everyone with conceal carry.

In ALbany NY, we’ve hit 18 murders this year. Just one every other week it seems. Two high school kids were shot the other day two blocks from school. And this guy, dead in front of KFC, a fast food related shooting, or as I like to call it, fucking crazy people walking the streets.


Damn! That’s one hell of a rap sheet!

I’ll wish we could see his juvenile criminal record, too.

It’s not possible that his first ever criminal act was a gun charge at 17 years old.

He also was tagged with “The Big Bitch” designation as well. (Habitual Offender)