Derek Jeter hits 3,000 with a homerun!

:yay: :yay: :yay:

<----Yankee, born and raised.

This is a very big day!!

The man’s a legend. And he’s really good-looking. If I were gay, I’d have a poster of him above my bed.

Between me, my younger brother and cousin, we must have several dozen posters in the houses
We have those collector plaques and coins and all lmao

In a few weeks, if you see a girl in a Very beat-up Yankee hat roaming the streets of Taipei, thats me :wink:

Congrats to Derek Jeter.

(I guess it takes Jeter to drive women’s soccer or U-17 in Mexico or TdF or some other world sport under the p.1 fold for the New York Times in this morning’s SportsSunday section. :s )

He got #3000 back, too, from a good-guy fan with student loan debts. At least the Times got the money quote right.

“I do have the ball,” he [Jeter] said. “I held it. It feels like all the rest of them.”

You shoulda shot A-Rod!!!