Dermotologists in Taichung

Does anyone recommend a good dermatologist clinic in Taichung or greater Taiwan? I see many clinics around, but I’m wondering if anyone has any good recommendations.

What kind of skin problem do you suffer from? Sounds like it’s not a common skin disease. What’s your symptom and sign? I know some dermatologists in Taichung and can refer you to them according to your skin condition.

It’s nothing serious actually, but i want to find a good general dermatologist that speaks English, and I prefer to go to someone private rather than the local hospital.

Usually the dermatology clinics are busy, you might just get 3-5 minutes for a visit. If your problem is nothing serious, I would recommend you to find someone who’s younger.

I just googled and this dermatologist seems to offer English clinics.鄭人榕
You could call and ask him.

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Dr.Lee at Lian Hua Clinic was very caring and well-spoken when I last visited.

Sadly he doesn’t have an English site but here’s the clinic’s facebook page:

Thanks for the info Charlene. Have you personally been there?