Describe your (female) couple - POLL

Given that we are all interested in demographics and sociology, I want to go a bit further and get to more interesting questions than age and weight.

Select those things (as many as you want) that describe your current or last couple:

  • She has a poor or average income but lives large
  • She makes it a routine to request for something (maybe monetary) before giving you sex
  • She frequently uses the word Prostitute, slut and Love Peddler to describe her friends or women she doesn’t like
  • She openly tells you she doesn’t trust her friends around you , but still doesn’t want to leave them
  • She boasts and prides herself of her sexual skills and how men are attracted to her and also she is openly jealous of beautiful women
  • She tends to be usually ‘busy’ within the week without explaining what ‘busy’ is.
  • She is known by multiple names among people.

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