Desert Island Classics

OKay…more fun from the mind of Toe…

If you have seen or read Hi Fidelity, you are aware of the top 5 picks game they play throughout…we’ve all done this from time to time…well…here it is…in fine Forumosan form…

First…the rules:

Once you hit submit…that’s it…no editing…once posted, it’s laminated.

You may start your own topic but you must have completed your 5 picks for all previous topics before starting a new topic…

If you start a new topic…make sure you include all provisos…if it’s Best First Albums, but you hate Jazz…state that Jazz is not included in your topic launch…

You are the mod of your own topic…

Trolling is encouraged

And now…drum roll please…

Top 5 entertainers you would have on your desert island…and yes…you may use any or all of them for sex…and they can be a band of what-evers too…

My list:

Cirque de Soliel…uuhhh…ya…

The Canadian Olympic Hockey Team…ok…who said the island had to be in the tropics…and I want to include the American Hockey team too so we can beat their ass over and over and over again…

Bob Dylan…to sing Oh Canada every night and anything else I want him to

Jacques Cousteau…as my dive buddy…use Calypso to get to island

Jodie Foster…to keep me in my place

top save: shouldnt the title be Desserted Island? Deserts do not have islands and islands are not deserts. No?

It’s an interesting point, but couldn’t you have an island in an oasis in a desert; and isn’t Fraser? island off the coast of Australia composed entirely of sand?

I want to take a three-hour tour… a three-hour tour.

Miss Annabelle Chong and Mr. Jack Daniels…or maybe Senor Cuervo.

First the toys and wheels go in to create the right ambience:

I’m working up the babe, beer and Eye-talian Opera list now. Anybody know a good masseuse I can put on my list? I’m thinking my own betel-nut stand but it will really just sell cigars and really cold beer behind a betel-nut-hut facade. At night it will be a mini-techno hotspot.

I’m going to put up a big sign at the entrance to my island: No Politics Allowed! By Order of the Indigenous Emperor! Violators will be roughed up and deported!

I can hardly wait.

Michelle Shocked
Tommy Cooper
Steve Coogan (Alan Partridge)
Leadbelly (Huddie Ledbetter)
Jackson do Pandeiro

How about the old classic, Desert Island Discs (that came wayyy before High Fidelity, on BBC Radio 4)?
It should be 10 tracks plus a book (you already have the Bible and the complete works of Shakespeare) and a luxury.

My picks are on the way.

Isn’t that the kind with cakes and pies strewn all about? :wink:

Top five celebrities on my island…

-Emeril Lagasse, met and posed with the man and while he is a lecherous lush in real-life, or maybe because it was 10 degrees fahrenheit in New York City on Thanksgiving morning (5am at that), I’d bet he could do amazing things with coconuts and fresh seafood…
-The Beatles, because there’s nothing like falling asleep under a starry tropical sky with a goodnight serenade from the Fab Four.
-Jesus, for spiritual guidance, enlightened conversations, and I’m sure he could use those carpentry skills to throw together a nice little shack for me.
-Elvis Costello, make him forget all about Diane Krall…the old-fashion way.
-Steve Irwin, to take care of any nasty critters that might venture onto Imanigan Island…then let Emeril take over from there. Blackened croc in a coconut and mango chutney? Yum!

New Topic:

Top Ten Seductive Songs-

mine, in no particular order:

-On and On, Erukah Badu
-Brown Skin, India Arie
-It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over, Lenny Kravitz
-Reasons, Earth Wind & Fire
-Rosalita, Gomez
-Feeling Love, Paula Cole
-Let’s Get It On, Marvin Gaye
-Fallin’, Alicia Keyes
-Kashmir, Led Zeppelin
-La Garota de Ipanema, Ana Caram

As long as it’s fantasy I’ll take Madoka Ozawa and a box of Viagra.

As long as it’s fantasy I’ll take Madoka Ozawa and a box of Viagra.[/quote]

Well, you’ve got your priorities straight! :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

from Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary)
desert island noun [C]
an island, especially in a warm region, where no people live

from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary
Main Entry: 2des

So…the grammer patrol has done it’s research and it turns out my spelling was right…phee-ew…so…desert island…not dessert island…and although it claims to be a tropical island…my game, my rules…an island in the North Atlantic can be a desert island…and if you shave it and add some cherry sauce…then it can also be a dessert island…

As for my critics…the name is Toe…not Top…

Hello Hopeville- Michelle Shocked
Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright- Dylan
Midnight Special- Leadbelly (Johnny Rivers version also good, but on Leadbelly’s you get his great voice and can also clearly hear his powerful and individual rhythm guitar style)

O Canto da Ema- Jackson do Pandeiro
Qui Nem Gil

My ten tracks and two books I’d take with me to Imanigan’s Island:

No Rain - Blind Melon
At Last - Etta James
Blue Moon Rising - Gomez
Hey Nineteen - Steely Dan
M’Toto - Zap Mama
Tomber La Chemise - Zebda
I’ll Be There - Sade
If I Fell - The Beatles
Once I Loved - Ana Caram
Kashmir - Led Zeppelin

My books would be Holes by Louis Sachar…1998 Newbery Award winner that is full of all kinds of hidden connections and loops that I am still discovering; and the entire Hitchhiker’s Guide series which I could read over and over again and never grow tired of the jokes, irony, lines, or plots. You have to take the whole series or else you miss classic lines like “The knack to learning how to fly is to throw yourself at the ground and miss.” or “In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.”