Design Masterpieces (excluding architecture)

I enjoy good design, and even now and then I like to buy something because of its design brilliance.
Here are some of the things I think are design masterpieces, no matter how old or new they are. What are some of yours? (try to include a pic)
Alessi Kettle

Coolermaster Wavemaster PC tower

Motorola V3 Razor

1984 Ferrari 288 GTO

Alessi italian coffee maker

Apple Cinema Display

there isn’t one single line, curve, or detail that shouldn’t be there; everything is out of necessity.

There’s some furniture I like though my taste for design is changing a lot these days.

2000 Ducati 996

Dualit toaster

amazingly, this is a british design :astonished:

A chair designed by 3form (although i’ve never seen one of these in person I think it looks cool)

How about some of these?

Others can be seen on

Colts Model 1911 .45acp. A timeless classic of design and functionality.

Browning HiPower P-35. The last design of John Browning, a genius of his craft. Designed for Fabrique Nationale in Belgium. Since produced world-wide with little modification needed.

Fender Stratocaster

For sometime, I’ve liked some of Stelton’s products

Bottle opener


Salad Bowl

Wine Cooler

heck yeah, house design is one of my favourite subjects.
[Admired Architecture (split from Design Masterpieces)

When I first saw this, I decided Tatami might be something I’d go for.

I saw this recently which I liked for a few days.

and this couch I still like though I’m not really quit satisifed with any home stuff I’ve seen so far.

my folks have a B&B sofa just like that… horribly uncomfortable

[quote=“Truant”]Fender Stratocaster

Yeah! Rock on! I have that exact model. :slight_smile:

One of my favs is the Coca-Cola bottle (remember, I’m talking about the glass bottle itself).

Simple, utilitarian elegance:

Mercedes 300SL, 1954
Perhaps the most elegant car ever built.

Sargent Juniper
Yang Hsiu, Taiwan

Prouve Cite Armchair


800litre, woodfired, controllable upto 45degC, 70kg portable.

800litre, woodfired, controllable upto 45degC, 70kg portable.[/quote]

You really [i]don’t[/i] want to slip when getting out of the tub.

not sure what these things are called, but I’m surprised no else posted this yet.

That Dutch Tub looks like a big tea cup.

I was going to say the same thing, except those tea cups at the fairgrounds that spin around in circles. This would be even cooler though, spinning around with the chance to get burnt from the fire :smiley: