Design me a logo

I would like a logo designed for my new project. It is for a range of products for youth bicycle riders. It must have an environmental edge. This is something in the ball park of what I’m after. I want emphasis on the z.

I’ll pay 2000nt if I choose to use your design.

[color=#FF0000]Ruff Rider[/color]

How’s that? :wink:


Must be skyriderz.

Do you want an environmental background, like nature scenes, or what do you mean by “an environmental edge”? Do you have color preferences? Do you want the designers to focus on the text part, or create some other graphic image incorporated with or as background to the text? You want flashy, to appeal to the young?

Thanks for the tips.

I tried downloading some design software and giving it a go myself. Any suggestions?

I think it is probably too confused.

[quote=“Fox”]Thanks for the tips.

I tried downloading some design software and giving it a go myself. Any suggestions?

I think it is probably too confused.


My unsolicited opinion? I like the bike logo there, but do NOT like the colors–and where’s the emphasis on the Z?

How about this one?

Too hungover to make comment on the bicycle and text/font, but I think you need to drag back the clear sky and clouds from the first one as a background - your enviro theme, in a way. Bike logo is a must . . .

Might be as simple as just putting that sky shot as the backgrond on what you have now? Those colours - purple and yellow, suck. Clouds would be way better.


[quote=“Fox”]How about this one?


Try moving the word “sky” under the bike and using the sky theme you started out with. I don’t like the bike to be green. Silver or black?

[quote=“Fox”]How about this one?


That green thing is supposed to be a bike?
I thought someone sneezed on the desk or something…
Please tell us you’re taking the piss here…

I’m with the Chief. If you’re taking the project seriously, take it seriously. :sunglasses:

You need to simplify. simplify more.

visual headache here. why?

too many colours, and they aren’t complementary. IMO, kinda ugly.

too many different fonts. distracting. and the font for SKY? hard to read. make it consistent and EZ to read RIGHT away. I shouldn’t have to focus my eyes and struggle to recognize/understand the logo.

the bike? it doesn’t have much impact. looks cheap.

overall? too crowded.

Logos should be simple, easy to remember, easy to associate, easy to recognize and have punch. I’m afraid your working logo has none of that. Plus, if it’s going to be on bike products, the logo has to be resizable. Your current logo would be too messy looking if fitted on a glove, a sticker on a bike, or bike pump, etc.

hope that helps. (Check out FOX, Specialized, SUGOI, etc. They’re really simple logos and easily recognizable from afar.)

You need more BANG.

You haven’t answered my questions yet. If you want designers to take your request seriously, you need to respond to such questions so that they’re not wasting their time heading off in the wrong direction. :wink:

wow…remind me to never ask for help about designs here!! some are helpful, but geez not everyone gets it right the first couple of times.

I wasn’t trying to be mean; my comments were IMO constructive feedback.

Jack’s right…not being mean, besides it’s for his/her business.

The logo’s very confusing, if those are banners then it might make a bit more sense. But a logo should be simple and easy to remember. ie. Nike logo

Your logo will be the very first image people will notice about your company. Thus simple and easy to remember…

Maybe a text type logo might be something you’re interested in.

Text logo design ideas, just need to view the pdf file.

Also some ideas for your logo…
I lost a website with a large visual gallery of logos

…can’t think…but look at the link…

…finally going home… :discodance:
**I may add more links later…going home…finally…

Fox, we’re only being harsh because for your sake, we want your logo to be good. :wink:

I’m with the chief here. I had no idea what that green thing was. Cursive Japanese kanji, perhaps? Abstract is fine, but it should remain recognizable.

Overall, way too cluttered and complex. Let’s strip it back down to basics.

Eye-popping, contrasting neon colors are fine for marketing to kids, IMO. Not my faves, but I’m not the target market.

I know what you’re selling here Fox, as you know. No matter how you spin it, and with the best will in the world, it doesn’t make bicycles fly. TRUTH IN ADVERTISING, goddammit.