Design Your Life Workshop at the German Trade Office

Hi guys,

There’s a group coaching event this May 21st in the German Trade Office. It’ll be held from 630 to 930pm. Here’s the link to the event: … 804f176386

For more inquiries, please email

Hi Guys,

Early Bird Registration ends on Thursday! For more information, please email

See you there!

ONE DAY left for the Early Bird Registration. Slots are filling so hurry and claim your spot!

Design Your Life is a group session wherein people of different backgrounds interact and share their experiences, opinions, difficulties, insecurities with each other. Participants are having a glimpse of what it is like to look at things from different angles and experience working with others to help them gain clarity. As a Jessie J song goes, you’ll walk out of the session feeling "It’s okay not to be okay" as you’re not alone in this world. People share more similarities than you would expect.

LAST DAY LEFT for the early bird registration!!! Hurry and claim your spot!

3 days left before the Design Your Life workshop! And in celebration of the International Coaching Week, our coaches have decided to give a “Happy Coach” rate of NT$2900 for everyone who signs up from today until the event. So hurry and don’t miss your chance of participating in this fun-filled stimulating workshop! Register at

Tomorrow’s the DAY! We still have some slots open for this fun-filled workshop! As previously said, we’re offering a “Happy Coach” rate of NT$2900 in celebration of the International Coaching Week. Hurry and don’t miss out on the event -