Desk Warming at Public School Job

Hello, quick question for those who are teaching/have taught in public schools in Taiwan. I’m starting a new job at one on Monday. I was aware there would be some downtime at this job but I was just informed I wouldn’t even start teaching for 2 weeks because of student exams. Yet I’ll still need to be there from 8-4 everyday. I certainly don’t need 80 hours to do lesson prep work…my question is what do you do during your downtime at work? Do they expect you to be doing anything? This is all totally new to me, any info is appreciated. Thanks!

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Welcome to Asia. This is standard practice at every cram school in East Asia. It’s rare if you don’t have to desk warm.

If your school is laidback, you can probably get away with watching movies or Netflix at your desk. If they’re strict, then use it to get some work done, study Chinese, or bugger around on here.


Thanks for the info! I was hoping to have my own office but at this school they sort of cram everyone together in a room and each person has their own little cubicle. I guess part of my job will be finding ways to occupy myself.

Welcome, or welcome back, if you have been here or are here.

welcome @am90 to the club.

pick up the latest copy of Next Magazine at 7-11. peruse the pretty pictures.

Then leave it for colleagues.
You will make friends immediately.

As long as your paid.

I would start a side hustle and make extra online.

That’s strange, I still teach during their exam week. In my downtime I plan lessons and make all the materials I might need, PPTs, worksheets, etc. After all that’s finished (or when I’m bored) I will usually go to YouTube, Netflix, Reddit, or here. I have a shared office as well, and no one seems to care what I do, as long as I’m ready for my classes.

Go for long walks outside, get keys to whatever they call the “cooking classroom” and meal prep for the month, read a book, meditate, go to online grad school, or find an online job and make double money. Noise canceling headphones are a must to avoid loosing your mind over the burping and slurping and brainwashing music.

Some schools will pretend not to notice if you leave the school on your scooter for hours at a time. If you live close to school, you might even be able to sneak home or run errands. Don’t abuse that though. And don’t do it too early in your time there.

I left my public school job because I had a 3:1 ratio of prep time to teaching time. While it’s nice to be paid generously to twiddle your thumbs, it becomes meaningless after a few years. I need to find a balance though, cuz now my only prep time is after working hours…

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Our tax dollars hard at work. Whats stopping them from refining the system?