Desperate for Advice on Language Center Search


I am trying to decide which Mandarin Training Center to go to in Taipei next year. I will hopefully have the Huayu scholarship by then, so most of the training centers would be affordable for me. ICLP is way too expensive for me, and out of the question.

I have studied Chinese for 4-5 years, including a year in Beijing at a school that was rather terrible. I am fairly advanced by now. I am mainly looking for a visa to come to Taiwan to study, and the free time to study independently through friends/reading/films etc.

However, I would prefer to go to a place that has:

  • supplemental classes I can take (wenyanwen, classical Chinese, maybe even Japanese on the side)
  • the smaller the classes, the better
  • the most advanced levels possible

Which school in Taipei should I choose?

The one with lowest tuition and/or closest to your house.

Language schools in Taiwan are 大同小異 – all basically the same. If you’re really advanced, they’ll probably put you in a (main) wenyan class anyway, if there is one in the first place, because there aren’t many advanced classes to begin with. Newspapers is usually considered pretty advanced in language centers. There are few schools that have group advanced classes due to lower demand and scheduling issues.

If you want side classes, choose on that basis (though since wenyanwen is Classical Chinese, not really sure what else you’re looking for).

Hello, I would like to bump the topic, because I am currently in a similar situation and I’m of a similar level (by chance stumbled across your post though :slight_smile: )
Please, share your insight. I’ve heard that MTC nowadays is not really the best option, although it used to be a while ago. Any suggestions? How about NTU’s CLD?

Seriously. The one with the lowest tuition and/or the easiest commute, unless you need college credits, in which case you have to consider that above all else.