Despicable drunk guy beating a dog (difficult to watch)

I will from henceforth despise and eschew dogbeating.

What exactly is accomplished by posting this???

Possibly catching the guy, what’s your problem man?

Flobbing vigilantes! Woohoo!

Can’t you just ask the guy who filmed it? How hard can it be?

A guy on a street. There’s a parked taxi. Should be easy to find the spot, get a group of Flobbers and go and beat the guy up.

As the chief said, what exactly is accomplished by posting this?

As maoman said, if you REALLY want to do something, send a message to the person who posted the vid and simply ask where and when it was filmed. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t post on here, though. Then, you post a link to the vid on here, along with the bloke’s address and THEN maybe you’ll see some action.

That was certainly most unpleasant.

So what exactly is accomplished by posting this? I know the deal, obviously a pattern here. :s If you really aren’t interested in any given thread, you should just stay out of it. Many posts aim for dialogue on the given subject. :astonished:

You mentioned absolutely nothing to do with “dialogue.” In fact, you didn’t actually mention anything at all, but instead posted a link with no content, which is against the site rules. Despite this FLAGRANT transgression, however, as soon as you posted that you’re actually trying to catch this person, you immediately received some useful advice on how to go about doing so in a much more effective manner than you’ve employed so far.
So what’s YOUR problem. Man. :unamused:

Mr Sandman makes a good point. You want to get a posse together? I’ll join. You want vigilante action? I’m in. You want to make me sick with an arbitary youtube video and you provide nothing concrete? Count me out. You are being gratuitous and boring.

when i saw the title of the forum, i thought there had been some “action” on the video, like someone beating the guy that is beating the dog, or police catching the guy or something like that, but then, right before i clicked on the link, i saw the posts from other guy and i realized there was only a guy beating the dog… i am not sure if i want to see that…

Now if it had been a video of a guy beating off a dog, that would be a different matter.

. . . or three guys beating a donkey. :flog:

Yeah, that’s it, let’s just sit in the safety and comfort of our own home and film a dickwad beating a dog. :doh:
PUT DOWN THE CAMERA and go do something. I’ll bet if I went down there and started getting in the guys face like us foreigners are wont to do, he would stop. I’d get in his face and dare him to hit me or stop me from untying the dog. If the police showed up I’d then show them the video.

A lot…

OK, WT posted a link only. Hardly the first guy to do it and most of the times it’s not about topics that relate to criminal acts. I feel sorry for WT reading such a despicable response to a OH SO BAD rules TRANSGRESSION; a single link of a video clearly depicting a very serious and very recent crime against another living being.

If you pulled your shit together, perhaps we’d have a chance of doing something about it instead of just shitting on WT for posting this.

So what can be done about it? What can be accomplished out of posting this? As I said, A LOT!!!

1- We can have a discussion about it. Simple. I think the link is pretty self explanatory and there REALLY isn’t a need for the OP to say a word. The video speaks for itself LOUDLY and CLEARLY.

2- Said discussion can help readers understand the necessity for animal protection laws and proper enforcement.

3- Readers can also better understand the horrific ways in which animals are often treated in Taiwan and elsewhere.


I have contacted the person who posted this video and have asked him for the specific location of the crime. We’ll see what happens, however, I think the video has enough footage to find out where that is.(street signs)

I am also forwarding this video to the Animal Health Institute in hope that a full scale investigation will take place as I am pretty certain it will happen. We’ve had tremendous success collaborating with this Institute in the past and I know that they will take this case very seriously.

You can all help with this… Here’s what I need from you if you care to help out. I need a short statement from you that should include a few facts about yourself. Name, nationality, how long you’ve been here. Then you mention the video and how horrified you are and then urge the officials at the Animal Health Institute to conduct an investigation. I will then amalgamate these letters and forward them to the Animal Health Institute attached with my report. Even if this crime has already been reported, and I hope it has, it’s important to do what we can to show that we care and to urge the authorities to push forward.

For those of you who do not wish to divulge your identity on Forumosa, you can just email me at ( You can write the letter as an email or you can attach a Word file to your email. Please do not say anything too negative about Taiwan such as insulting generalizations. Keep it specific to this crime.

I hope this answers your question, the chief. And thanks to WhiteTiger for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks in advance to all for your contribution and I hope to hear from MANY of you.



My understanding is that the miserable fucker has already been aprehended.

Cannot confirm this, however.

I got a response from the guy who posted the video on YT. According to him, the abuser has recently been identified and apprehended. That’s the only confirmation I have so far, but I tend to trust the validity of the response I got from the video uploader. He also told me that the drunken sicko has already apologized publicly.


A friend saw it on the news and said the guy has been caught and they were considering a fine. I hope they follow through on this one. This was in Kaohsiung county. Good chance the “owners” of the dog don’t care, he probably spends all his days tied up in that dirty little corner.

I hope i never come across that because i doubt I could control my emotions, think many of us here would have stepped in to stop it and probably given the guy a beat down in the process. At least the person got the vid, could have been a young guy or girl that would have been terrified to confront this lunatic.

The explanation put up by the person who posted the video says that (s)he was shaking and didn’t know what to do, that (s)he thought if (s)he called the police they wouldn’t do anything anyway, and that (s)he sent the video to reporters. Also it must be said that the thing the drunken pillock used to beat the dog (barbecue tongs) probably didn’t cause the dog serious injury. Some people have posted comments on YouTube criticising the person who posted the video, but I think we should give him/her a break.

Ridiculous. Let someone tie you up with a rope around your neck and smash you with (barbecue tongs) for a few minutes and see how you feel afterwards. What constitutes “serious injury”? A smashed nose and two missing ears? Life-long trauma is irrelevant when it comes to animals?